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News digest: The Interior Ministry reports some unusual requests

Bratislava's historic Koch Garden opens to the public, more than 500,000 cars roll off Slovak production lines in six months, and the ruling coalition

12 8 2022 at 14:57 | News
Digital art installation turns into living organism at Bratislava’s Stará Tržnica

Capital gets world premiere of renowned French artist’s interactive work.

12 8 2022 at 14:19 | Culture & lifestyle
Exquisite garden in Bratislava’s Old Town opens to the public

The Koch Garden, the only one of its kind in Slovakia, awaits full renovation.

12 8 2022 at 14:11 | Culture & lifestyle
Matovič will remain. OĽaNO makes 'unalterable' decision ahead of coalition meeting

Slovakia could be heading towards a minority government, observers say.

12 8 2022 at 12:25 | News
Weekend: UK daily has noticed wonderful Slovak train

Are you ready for a weekend ride?

12 8 2022 at 9:41 | Travel
The most expensive country in the region? Data do not match Slovakia's reality

Analysts point to problematic statistics indicators.

12 8 2022 at 9:15 | Business
News digest: As minority government looms, reforms and funds at risk

Slovak scientist on Ukraine nuclear plant fears, unique garden opens for public in Bratislava. Learn more in today's digest.

11 8 2022 at 17:36 | News
Nuclear physicist on Ukraine plant: Fukushima more likely scenario than Chernobyl

Expert says best thing for safety of Zaporizhzhia facility would be Russian exit.

11 8 2022 at 17:05 | News
Archaeology dig unearths secrets of Sivý Kameň castle

17th century coin among treasures found during research.

11 8 2022 at 16:44 | Culture & lifestyle
PM Heger’s reluctance to fire his party boss comes at a price

The coalition government is on the verge of losing its majority.

11 8 2022 at 13:29 | News