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Naomi Hužovičová

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foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Behindhand benefits of stairs

A MOM with young kids has bemoaned the lack of elevators in old apartment buildings in Slovakia, losing her sanity many a time on the long trek up to the third floor. But, she finds out, there is a positive result,…12. Aug 2015, at 13:22

Sedlo pod Ostrvou in the High Tatras
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Maternity wards have a problem with attitude

Maternity wards in the Trnava and Bratislava regions were recently called out for violations of human rights. Were the claims exaggerated? A mother who gave birth both in Canada and Trnava compares. 7. Jul 2015, at 11:53

For each mother, giving birth is A Major Event.
Foreigner in Slovakia

Blog: Why my kids don’t have a playground

After a regime like socialism ends, a country moves on, restructures, and tries to build a new identity. There are some issues, however, that are difficult to resolve, like the complicated problem of land use. What…8. Jun 2015, at 11:35

Despite looking like a zombie playground, this is the playground at our local school.
Foreigner in Slovakia

4 things to know when drinking in Slovakia

Alcohol plays a significant role in the culture of Slovakia, from wine sampling in private cellars to knocking back shots on the morning after a wedding. Some of the local drinking customs, however, could leave you…13. May 2015, at 6:12

Before you drink, make a toast.