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Tom Nicholson has been with The Slovak Spectator since 1997. He was appointed editor-in-chief in 1998, and publisher in 2001. After taking a leave from the paper from 2002 to 2004, he rejoined it as publisher and as editor of the SPEX magazine. In March 2007 he left the Spectator to lead an investigative program at the SME daily paper. He continues to cooperate with the Spectator. He holds a master’s degree in history from Queen’s University in Canada, and has worked for the Whig Standard and National Post dailies in that country.

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Letter from Canada

Only in Canada

Exaggerated obligingness is one aspect of life here.5. Sep 2018, at 11:30

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Letter from Canada

The benign indifference of the universe to our fate

That is what these forest fires felt like.27. Aug 2018, at 16:08

A wildfire burns near the Nadleh Whut'en First Nation in Fort Fraser, British Columbia, Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018.
Letter from Canada


You don’t choose them, but you rarely want to change them.29. Jul 2018, at 14:25

I had very decent neighbours in Svätý Jur, but even there, people responded quizzically to acts of altruism.
Letter from Canada

No thanks for daddy

To the uninitiated, a 10-year-old’s birthday party might seem like a tame way to spend the day. Ha!24. Jul 2018, at 9:45

Northumberland Picnic Chocolate Cake

The better it gets, the worse it gets

In countries like Slovakia, we are in danger of ignoring real progress because we are enraged by the flaws that remain, and altering our standards as time goes by.19. Jul 2018, at 13:30

Letter from Canada

Begin afresh

I’m not sure if there is a typical Canadian way to get married.16. Jul 2018, at 13:27

Letter from Canada

The sweet sadness of emigration

The heart wants what it wants, but is oblivious to the pain that comes with getting it.10. Jul 2018, at 8:13

Letter from Canada

Happy boring birthday, Canada

It turns out that drama and struggle are not essential to the good life.2. Jul 2018, at 7:18

Letter from Canada

Signs of danger averted

The world has never been this safe, and may never be again.20. Jun 2018, at 12:40

Canada Pacific coast
Letter from Canada

Liberal excesses make even Trump sound normal

In Slovakia, I was seen as a dewy-eyed liberal. Back home, I am a stick-in-the-mud conservative without even a tattoo to mark him as chill.11. Jun 2018, at 8:10

U.S. President Donald Trump shakes hands with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a meeting at the G-7 summit.
Letter from Canada

The bewitching power of kittens

The arrow of history points towards greater respect for other life.28. May 2018, at 17:24

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A happy marriage? Both simpler, and tougher, than we realize

If experience is the mother of wisdom, why aren’t second and third marriages more successful?21. May 2018, at 10:59

Letter from Canada

The rites of spring

As a trivial world turns, we lose what cannot be replaced.4. May 2018, at 12:16

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Letter from Canada

Ten dead – but it could have been worse

Monday’s attack in Toronto was not, as many feared, related to religious or political terrorism.27. Apr 2018, at 13:35

Letter from Canada

On killing a crab

If you eat animal flesh, you should not be squeamish about slaughtering your dinner.20. Apr 2018, at 8:23

Letter from Canada

In Canada, lucky is not just about the beer

MP Peter Marček and his Internet troll brethren are right – I didn’t come home because I missed Canadian beer.29. Mar 2018, at 12:05

Tichá Dolina Valley in Tatras, 12 years after
Letter from Canada

What is one life worth?

Have Canadians, insulated from the cruelty of life elsewhere, become too sentimental? Or have Slovaks been made callous to the fate of others by decades of cynical misrule?22. Mar 2018, at 8:45

Bratislava For Decent Slovakia protest March 16, 2018.

America takes another step toward the abyss

US President Trump fires foreign minister Tillerson to defend Moscow’s lies.14. Mar 2018, at 19:00

Tillerson and Trump.

Genetic trash

What has happened to PM Fico to leave him so indifferent to right and wrong?12. Mar 2018, at 12:15

Gašpar, Fico, and Kaliňák (right to left). The one million euros that the government offers for information about the murder is displayed on the table.

Nicholson: The truth about Slovakia

I leave knowing that I have seen the best of what Slovaks can be.13. Feb 2018, at 8:35

Tom Nicholson