Michaela Terenzani

Michaela Terenzani

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Michaela Terenzani has been with The Slovak Spectator since 2007. She served as editor-in-chief in 2015 - 2023. She then moved on to serve as the leading editor of the foreign news desk of the Sme daily. She studied journalism in Trnava and in Aarhus, Denmark. In 2009, she received a joint MA degree in Euroculture from the University of Groningen and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. She comments on events happening in Slovakia in her weekly newsletter, Last Week in Slovakia.

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Former PM and Smer chair Robert Fico is featured on Ukraine's list of pro-Russian propagandists.
If there is a numerical answer to everything, white-collar criminals hope it is that. 5. Dec 2022, at 14:57
PM Eduard Heger and Medical Trade Unions chair Peter Visolajský reached an agreement on November 26.
Голландський королівський візит запланований на ранню весну. Президентка звернеться до парламенту. До Братислави повертаються різдвяні ярмарки. 29. Nov 2022, at 7:30
Dutch royal visit planned for early spring. President to address parliament. Bratislava's Christmas markets come roaring back. 28. Nov 2022, at 18:03
Viktor Orbán and Eduard Heger with the "updated" scarf.
Some jokes are more in good taste than others. 28. Nov 2022, at 15:07
Helfried Carl
Thirteen cities compete to become the European Capital of Democracy. People from Slovakia can now become jurors to choose the winner. 24. Nov 2022, at 10:00
The Univeristy Hospital in Bratislava.
Словаки розмовляють англійською краще, ніж будь-коли. Кандидата в мери Братислави притягнуть до кримінальної відповідальності за ймовірне хабарництво. Kia буде виробляти електромобілі у Словаччині. 22. Nov 2022, at 7:30
Slovaks speak English better than ever before. Bratislava mayoral candidate to be prosecuted over alleged bribery. Kia is to produce electric vehicles in Slovakia. 21. Nov 2022, at 17:30
Resignation notices filed by hundreds of doctors in late September.
A mass exodus of doctors once seemed unlikely, but ten days before their resignations take effect, uncertainty reigns. 21. Nov 2022, at 14:25
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Перевірки на кордоні з Чехією, ймовірно, триватимуть і після 13 грудня. Поліція затримала сталкера, який переслідував VIP-персон у Братиславі. 15. Nov 2022, at 7:19
Checks at the border with the Czech Republic likely to continue beyond December 13. Police detain a stalker who harassed VIPs in Bratislava. Remembering the best Slovak RAF pilot. 14. Nov 2022, at 17:45
Bringing down the Iron Curtain in Devin near Bratislava, December 1989.
The language of its memories is velvety, but our non-violent revolution required real effort. 14. Nov 2022, at 14:16
Karel Hirman
Slovak energy mix needs to be as emission-free as possible, says Hirman. 11. Nov 2022, at 10:15
Archbishop Ján Orosch, walking in front of Bratislava Archbishop Stanislav Zvolenský.
Slovakia’s Catholics are experiencing the aftershocks of Tepláreň. 7. Nov 2022, at 14:17
Joint municipal and regional elections in Slovakia, October 29, 2022.
After a litany of national crises, voters backed the local incumbents. 31. Oct 2022, at 12:13
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Foreigners living in Slovakia have a rare chance to influence the direction of their town, and the country, this coming weekend. 24. Oct 2022, at 14:27
March in support of LGBT+ community in Bratislava on Friday, October 14, 2022.
LGBT+ people in Slovakia are horrified, but not surprised. 17. Oct 2022, at 14:52
March in support of LGBT+ community in Bratislava on Friday, October 14, 2022.
Thousands marched in Bratislava in support of the LGBT+ community, laying the blame for the killings at the feet of the country's politicians. 17. Oct 2022, at 7:00
Dušan Dědeček runs from journalists in front of the courthouse. The judge decided he would be prosecuted at large.
The case shows once again just how little people trust the courts in Slovakia. 10. Oct 2022, at 14:34
Igor Matovič in parliament
When criticised, smear your critics. 3. Oct 2022, at 14:51
Igor Matovič speaks to MPs before the no confidence vote.
OĽaNO leader attacks president and journalists in speech to MPs. 29. Sep 2022, at 17:57
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