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Michaela Terenzani was appointed editor-in-chief in 2015. She started writing for The Slovak Spectator as a freelancer in March 2007. Ms. Terenzani received her bachelor degree at the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava in 2006. During her studies she spent a semester at the Danish School of Journalism in Aarhus. In 2009, Ms. Terenzani received a joint MA degree in Euroculture from the University of Groningen and the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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UPDATED: March 21, 2020 at 20:09

Matovič after his first cabinet session: We learned a lot we did not know

Slovakia’s current supply of testing sets will last about ten days.21. Mar 2020, at 18:19

PM Igor Matovic leads his first cabinet session.

Slovakia's Ordinary PM takes over amid coronavirus crisis

The president appointed the cabinet of Igor Matovič on March 21.21. Mar 2020, at 14:08


Bratislava's SNP Square was packed in 2018. Today, it's a desert

Responsibility drew masses to the squares two years ago, now it dictates people should not gather.20. Mar 2020, at 12:33

SNP Square in Bratislava in March 2018 versus now (March 2020).
Last Week in Slovakia

Of people and viruses

The government keeps tightening measures. But it is not all about the corona in Slovakia these days.16. Mar 2020, at 14:57

Igor Matovic, Veronika Remisova, and Richard Sulik.

New measures: National emergency and further limits to business

Coronavirus will close most shops and service providers. We are doing ok so far, PM Peter Pellegrini said.15. Mar 2020, at 19:46

PM Peter Pellegrini announces further measures and national emergency after the March 15 session of his cabinet.
Last Week in Slovakia

Corona and coalition collywobbles

The first week of March left people in Slovakia wondering what they should worry about more.9. Mar 2020, at 14:05

Igor Matovič and Boris Kollár.
Last Week in Slovakia

Slovakia will get an Ordinary PM

The composition of the next parliament still raises more questions than answers the day after election weekend.2. Mar 2020, at 13:00

Matovič and Čaputová have something in common

Slovakia is set to get a conservative parliament and a conservative government. What does it mean and how long will they last?1. Mar 2020, at 14:58

Fico has been defeated by a man he used to call a clown

The responsibility of the new government will be immense.1. Mar 2020, at 3:44

Igor Matovič during election night in Trnava.

Election 2020: Igor Matovič marks an historic victory over Smer

The result is a debacle for the ruling coalition, liberals from PS/Spolu left out in the cold.29. Feb 2020, at 23:38

Igor Matovič, leader of OĽaNO

Čaputová said election is not the end of the road, Danko believes Slovakia is at a crossroad of history

Three top constitutional officials called on voters to turn out to vote on Saturday.26. Feb 2020, at 22:54

Zuzana Čaputová
Last Week in Slovakia

Slovakia remembered victims, Fico remembered himself

Parliament has provided enough material for a political comedy movie once the Slovak movie directors get tired of thrillers and dramas based on current events.24. Feb 2020, at 14:30

Five big questions to ask ahead of election in Slovakia

Where does the country stand based on the last published polls?18. Feb 2020, at 17:04

Martin Slosiarik and Václav Hřích
Last Week in Slovakia

The campaign goes to parliament after the last polls

SNS and Smer are ready to spend a lot of money to save their numbers ahead of the election.17. Feb 2020, at 15:02

Peter Pellegrini's cabinet sent costly measures to parliament just days before the election.

Slovak election to test Orbán’s clout among ethnic Hungarians

Slovakia’s ethnic Hungarian minority has a reputation for political moderation. As an election looms and Viktor Orbán ramps up his influence from across the border, is that about to change?12. Feb 2020, at 8:00

Last Week in Slovakia

An expelled diplomat, a charged commentator, and a new opposition leader

Polls have brought more questions than answers so far. Soon they will be silenced.10. Feb 2020, at 14:00

Igor Matovič enjoys the limelight.
Last Week in Slovakia

Decoy games and campaign clashes

Despite not having a proper election programme, Matovič still manages to make Slovakia speechless.3. Feb 2020, at 13:23

Parliament's speaker flirted with Kočner's decoy for years

Andrej Danko insists she was just a "virtual woman" for him and that their communication is none of the public's business.29. Jan 2020, at 14:18

Andrej Danko
Last Week in Slovakia

Unexpected resignation complicates Hungarian party campaign

A well-performing minister resigned due to an alcohol-induced incident, while Andrej Danko offended the president from his top parliamentary seat.27. Jan 2020, at 14:30

Environment Minister László Solymos

This election will be about extremism

The stakes are high, times have changed, but ruling politicians are using the same, failed playbook.23. Jan 2020, at 11:00

Protest against the far right ĽSNS in Levoča.