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Skiing it all the way until Easter

FINALLY, a few sunny almost spring-like days have arrived in the capital. In the mountains, though, the winter is taking its time to depart.

Relax, after a few warm days, the cold will return to the mountains.
FINALLY, a few sunny almost spring-like days have arrived in the capital. In the mountains, though, the winter is taking its time to depart.

With snow melting the prices of ski tickets are coming down, in some places by 30 percent. The slopes are much emptier during the week and many ski centres have cut back on their free transport of skiers. The smaller centres are mostly open only on weekends, and many are closed for good. The Marguška chairlift in Veľká Rača Oščadnica will run only until this Friday or Sunday, for example.

The warm and moist air that will begin to flow through Slovakia from the southwest at the start of the week will bring rain to the mountains and temperatures of around 5 to 8 degrees Celsius at altitudes above 1,000 metres.

At the end of the week expect temperatures to drop. Snow and freezing weather will return to the mountains with the arrival of arctic air. It is highly likely that skiing will continue at many centres until Easter (April 17).

Ski resort - snow depth - price of daily ski pass
Štrbské Pleso 200 cm Sk650
Skipark Ružomberok 100 cm Sk520
Snow Paradise Veľká Rača Oščadnica 90 - 120 cm Sk690
Vrátna dolina 60-80 cm Sk460
Jasná - Chopok 100-200 cm Sk690
Plejsy 90 cm Sk350
Park Snow Donovaly 90 cm Sk450
Zverovka - Spálená 90 cm Sk580
Chopok - Juh 270 cm Sk500
Lomnické Sedlo 220 cm Sk640
Note: Ski centres make frequent changes to their ski prices at this changeable time of year to attract more skiers, so the current table may not reflect all the discounts. Watch ski centre web pages for updates, or visit www.ski.sk.

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