KÁLMÁN Balogh, the most prominent and experimental dulcimer player of his time, joins seven other world-famous musicians in Miraculous Meetings, a concert session on April 4 at the Slovak Philharmonic in Bratislava. Musicians from Scotland, Brasil, Bulgaria, Austria and Hungary, such as bassist Mario Lima Caribé, violinist Róbert Farkas, pianist Brian Kellock, accordionist Martin Lubenov, drummer John Rae, saxophonist Balázs Dongó Szokolay and singer Bea Palya, will gather to improvise on themes by Béla Bartók on the 125th anniversary of his birth. The project is the result of the Jazz Odyssey - Traveling Music meeting initiated by the English firm Serious Ltd. and financial support from the European Union. For more information, visit the Slovak Philharmonic at Palackého 2, go to, or call 02/5920-8233.
photo: Kálmán Balogh

St John Passion - Artists from seven countries perform JS Bach's St John Passion under the baton of American conductor Stephen Stubbs, one of the most respected interpreters of Bach's sacred music.
Starts: Apr 3 at 19:00. Admission: Sk250. Veľký evanjelický kostol (Great Evangelic Church), Panenská ulica. Tel: 02/5932-7716.

Onyx - Legendary American hip-hop band comes to Bratislava.
Starts: Apr 4 at 20:00. Admission: Sk550. Park Kultúry a Oddychu (Culture and Leisure Park - PKO), Nábrežie L Svobodu 3. Tel: 02/5443-1707.

Ján Ambróz and Guests - This folk event features folk dance and music ensembles Borievka, Čeremka, Trnky and fujara trio Javorová Húžva.
Starts: Apr 7 at 19:00. Admission: Sk150. Dom Kultúry Zrkadlový háj, Rovniankova 3.
Tel: 02/6383-6776.

Traditional Country Ball on Danube - Fifteen music and dance ensembles play and dance for fans of country music.
Starts: Apr 8 at 19:00. Admission: Sk99. PKO. Park Kultúry a Oddychu (Culture and Leisure Park - PKO), Nábrežie L Svobodu 3. Tel: 02/5443-1707.

Futura Pragensis - A display presenting futuristic visions of Prague in 20, 50 or 200 years by architecture students.
Open: Mon-Sun 13:00-18:00 until April 9. Admission: free. Galéria Veža (Tower Gallery), Továrenská 14. Tel: 02/5920-3312.

The Flower Kings - Swedish prog-art-rock band fuses the best things from Yes, Genesis and King Crimson into an immutable style influenced by Frank Zappa and The Beatles.
Starts: Apr 8 at 18:00. Admission: Sk399-499. Stará Pekáreň, Rázusova 2. Tel: 0905/655-451.

SvätÝ Jur
Breakable LPs - Peter Pavčo presents his collection of shellac LPs from 1907 - 1950's.
Open: Tue-Fri 8:00-15:00 until April 13. Admission: Sk10. Literárne a vlastivedné múzeum (Literary and Homeland Museum) Prostredná 29. Tel: 02/4497-0476.


LIVE MUSIC: Zdenka Predná: Sunny Day Tour - Finalist from the first edition of the hit reality series Slovakia Searches for a SuperStar tours Slovakia.
Starts: Apr 5 at 19:00. Admission: Sk170. Dom kultúry (House of Culture), Nám. Slobody. Tel: 048/4155-085.

Most Beautiful Painted Easter Egg in Orava - Demonstration on how to decorate eggs, honey cakes, and enliven this exhibition of winners from the competition for the most beautiful painted Easter eggs in Orava.
Open: April 3-7. Admission: free. Mestské kultúrne stredisko (Town culture centre) Medvedzie. Tel: 043/5864-928.


Israel, Country for Everybody - A display of photos by Anna Ondrušeková from her journeys in Israel to commemorate the first transport of young Jewish women from Poprad to the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, which took place on March 25, 1942.
Open: Tue-Sun, 9:00-17:00 until May 5. Admission: Sk20. Tatranská galéria (Tatra Gallery), Alžbetina 30. Tel: 052/7721-968.

Francesco Azzari - The head of the Italian ensemble Édinamika gives a lecture on contemporary dance.
Starts: Apr 6 at 17:00. Admission: Sk75. IC Culture Train culture centre, Vyšné Opátske. Tel: 055/6424-488.

photo: Plouviez Arabella

photo: Arturas Valianga

The House of Photography re-launches operations after moving from Poprad to Liptovský Mikulášwith two exhibitions. The Northern England in Northern Slovakia exhibition presents a selection of photographs from Sunderland that depict the region's transformation from one of Europe's shipbuilding hubs into a new culture and arts centre. The second exhibition, Work in Progress, is a selection of works from the International Photography Research Network (IPRN) archive in Sunderland and the Slovak-British Changing Faces project. Both exhibitions end on April 23. The House of Photography is now located in the Galéria PM Bohúňa (PM Bohúň Gallery) at Tranovského 3 in Liptovský Mikuláš, which is open between Tuesday and Sunday between 9:00 and 17:00. For more information, call 044/5624-454.

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