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Celebrate the first year of Bluegrass Fest, a Slovak bluesgrass festival, with nine European bands. Union Citygrass, Grey Scale and BG Time will represent the Slovak scene, while Monogram, Drive and Křeni come from the Czech Republic. The legendary Nugget will import bluegrass from Austria and Water Flow from the Netherlands. Bluegrass Fest starts on May 13 at 14:00 in Klub za Zrkadlom at Rovniankova 3, Bratislava. Tickets cost Sk140 when bought in advance and Sk190 at the doors. For more information, call 02/6383-6776 or visit www.bluegrassfest.sk.
photo: Stano Palúch/Bluegrass Fest


International Day of Multiple Sclerosis - Classical pianist Olga Bobrovnikova, who suffers from the disease, violinist Dominika Falger and cellist Eugen Prochác play works by Pavel Pabst, Alexander Borodin and P.I. Tchaikovsky.
Starts: May 9 at 19:00. Admission: Sk130. Small Concert Hall of the Slovak Philharmonic, Palackého 2. Tel: 02/5920-8233.

Peter Lipa and Guests - Well-known Slovak jazz musician Peter Lipa and his band perform songs from the album Lipa spieva Lasicu, for which humourist Milan Lasica wrote the lyrics.
Starts: May 10 at 20:00. Admission: Sk249. Babylon music club, Karpatská 2. Tel: 0915/200-567.

King Diamond - The metal band from Denmark is back in Slovakia to promote their latest CD, The Puppet Master.
Starts: May 13 at 20:00. Admission: Sk590-Sk690. Babylon music club, Karpatská 2. Tel: 0915/200-567.

Čechomor - The prominent Czech band that enlivens dreary folk ballads with a rock style gives a concert.
Starts: May 14 at 20:00. Admission: Sk199, Sk249. Incheba, Viedenská cesta 7. Tel: 02/6727-1111.

Magic Recipes for Love, Health and Happiness - Two artists from Eastern Europe, Anetta Mona Chisa and Lucia Tkáčová, present their works, which show attitudes towards different kinds of power - professional, political, ideological and geographical.
Open: Mon-Fri 13:00-18:00 until May 12. Admission: free. Open Gallery, Baštová 5. Tel: 02/5441-3316.

Club of Concretists - This display presents 40 paintings, sculptures and graphic works by artists dedicated to constructivism, including Eduard Antal, Mária Balážová, Jarmila Čihánková, Marian Drugda, Viktor Hulík, Štěpán Pala and Ján Švec.
Open: Mon-Sat 12:00-18:00 until May 21. Admission: free. Galéria Z (Z Gallery), Ventúrska 9. Tel: 0903/468-776.

Festivities of Veča - Vidiek, Roma music band Romane Jíle and raegge/ska band Ska2tonics headline this music and beer festival.
Runs: May 12-13 starting at 12:05. Admission: free. Spoločenský dom Veča, SNP 16. Tel: 031/7704-051.

Albín Brunovský - Book illustrations by the prominent graphic artist are on display.
Open: Tue-Fri 8:00-11:30, 12:30-17:00, Sat 9:00-13:00, Sun 13:00-17:00 until May 14. Admission: Sk20. Záhorská galéria (Gallery of Záhorie), Sadová 3. Tel: 034/6512-937.


Terchová, Terchová - Show of folk traditions from the characteristic Slovak village of Terchová.
Starts: May 14 at 10:00. Admission: Sk60. Múzeum slovenskej dediny (The Slovak Village Museum), Jahodnícke háje. Tel: 043/4132-686.

Banská Bystrica
When the Hockey Puck Replaced the Ball - A history of ice hockey in Slovakia.
Open: Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 16:00; and Sun 10:00 to 17:00 until Jun 16. Admission: Sk20. Thurzov Dom (Thurzo's House), Námestie SNP 4. Tel: 048/ 4125-897.


Evening of Russian Romances - Oksana Ščurova sings romantic Russian songs to the accompaniment of pianist Irina Rogachova.
Starts: May 12 at 17:00. Admission: Sk20. KOS Gallery at Krajské osvetové stredisko (Regional Education Centre), Hviezdoslavova 7. Tel: 055/ 7299-605.

Stará ĽubovŇa
Magic of Tapestries - Sixteen tapestries from Polish castles that portray kings, hunting and heraldic themes.
Open: Mon-Sun 9:00-18:00 until September 22. Admission: Sk70. Ľubovnianske museum at Ľubovňa Castle. Tel: 052/ 4322-422.

photo: Josef Čapek

The Gems of Czech Modern Art exhibition, which features about 70 highlights of Czech modern visual arts from the collections of Czech and Moravian galleries, has moved to Trenčín. It introduces Czech styles from 1907-1939 via the most important works by Czech modern visual artists, including samples of expressionism, cubism and avant-gardism. Names include Emil Filla, Josef Čapek, Josef Šíma, Jan Zrzavý, Toyen and others. Visitors now can see the exhibition, which met with great success in Bratislava, in the MA Bazovský Gallery at Palackého 27 in Trenčín until June 25. Along with the Czech gems, the gallery also exhibits works by Miloš Alexander Bazovský mostly from the 1940s and 1950s. Open daily, except Monday, between 9:00 and 17:00. Tickets cost Sk40. For more information, call 032/7436-858.

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