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AS IN many cities around the world, free wireless Internet access is the wave of the future in Bratislava, spurring the growth of new WiFi "hot spots" in public areas and small businesses.

AS IN many cities around the world, free wireless Internet access is the wave of the future in Bratislava, spurring the growth of new WiFi "hot spots" in public areas and small businesses.

Primaciálne námestie in the core of the Old Town has been a hot spot for about a year. On May 10, Hlavné and Františkánske squares also followed suit.

The iHotspotzone WiFi company has begun building a network of hot spots in cafés, restaurants and shops providing a high-speed Internet connection of 2.5 Mbps/s.

- Marta Ďurianová

WiFi hot spots


Františkánske námestie, Hlavné námestie, Primaciálne námestie

Albert Atrium Café Einsteinova Street 9
Caffe Cpt. Morgan Páričkova St. 27
Café Istropolis Polus shopping centre
Corrida de Toros Laurinská St. 7
Emporio café Aupark shopping centre
Fashion café SNP Square 8
Goldex Club Májová St. 21
HotShot SNP Sq. 2
iCyber Café Aupark shopping centre
Kafe Sherz Justičná St. 11
L.A. Restaurant Polus shopping centre
L.A. Café Avion shopping centre
Long Benn Polus shopping centre
MegaiNet Klariská St. 4
Modul Aupark shopping centre
Modul Laurinská St. 7
Modul Polus shopping centre
Nadácia Horský Park Lesná St. 1
Palace Cinemas Aupark shopping centre
Parking Club Pečnianska St. 9
Pierrot AC Diplomat, Palisády St. 29
Pierrot Apollo Business Centre
Pierrot Mlynské Nivy St. 45
Pizza Maestro Aupark shopping centre
Pizza Pazza Polus shopping centre
Pohoda Majakovského St. 9
Pomodoro Rosso Záporožská St. 9
Primo Piano Pizzeria Obchodná St. 43
Schlosberg Café Mikulášska St. 1/B
Šport Bar Polus shopping centre
Štefánka Palisády St. 59
Štrngáč Pub Ružinovská St. 9

Art Café Atrium SNP Sq. 41/A
Centrum Reštaurácia J. Kozáčeka St. 8
Eden SNP Sq. 3
Fun Caffe SNP Sq. 2497
Hotel Academic P.O.Hviezdoslava St. 13
Jegorka Nádvorná St. 16
Penzión Club Dukelských Hrdinov St. 40
Pink Pub Ľudovíta Štúra St. 39
Pizza Corino Môťovská cesta St. 1
Pizzeria Peppino P. O. Hviezdoslava St. 16
Ramya J. Kozáčeka St. 10
Santtos café bar SNP Sq. 24/37
Triangolo Caffé Bar P. O. Hviezdoslava St. 3
Zlatý Dukát Penzión Zvolenská Slatina, 115
rest rest
Banská Bystrica
Elle Café Dolná St. 51
Grand Penzión Horná St. 32
Plzeňská Reštaurácia SNP Sq. 20
Rusticana Pizzeria Ľ. Štúra Sq. 28
Snack Bar u Jazveca ČSA St. 23

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