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Fico wants mixed government, party source claims

ROBERT Fico, the chairman of the Smer party that won parliamentary elections on June 17, would prefer the next government to be a mix of ruling and opposition parties, a party source claims. A source close to Smer told the Hospodárske noviny daily that despite media rumors to the contrary, Smer regards forming a coalition with the controversial Movement for Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) and the far-right Slovak National Party (SNS) as a third, or even fourth-best alternative. Instead, Smer would prefer a coalition that includes two parties previously in the opposition and one from the ruling coalition. This means the Christian Democratic Party (KDH) could be Smer’s first choice and the Slovak Democratic and Christian Union (SDKÚ) a likely second. According to some Smer members, the Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK) would be relegated to the opposition. The Pravda daily also wrote that a majority inSmer favour joining forces with one party from the previous ruling coalition and one from the previous opposition. Therefore, according to the paper, a Smer-KDH-SNS union is the most likely outcome. However, the Christian Democrats are leery of volatile SNS leader Ján Slota, so a Smer-KDH-SMK coalition would be another option. The paper also confirmed the Smer-SNS-HZDS coalition as an option of last resort.

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