Businessmen and spokesman in the new cabinet

THW NEW Slovak cabinet will consist of 11 members of Smer, the party that won parliamentary elections in June, 2 members of the Movement for Democratic Slovakia (HZDS), and 3 members of the Slovak National Party (SNS).

The list is still unofficial because the new ruling coalition is waiting for Robert Fico, the chairman of Smer, to present the names to Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič. The Hospodárske noviny daily has created a brief list of which posts the members will assume and their history:

Robert Fico (Smer) – prime minister: from 1994 to 2000, he represented Slovakia at the European Commission for Human Rights and European Court for Human Rights. As the most popular politician in the Party of Democratic Left (SDĽ), he left to establish Smer.

Dušan Čaplovič (Smer) – deputy prime minister for a knowledge-based economy: historian and archaeologist. He has been an MP since 2002 and was also a member of the Cabinet Council for Science and Technology. He is an external lecturer at the Philosophy Faculty of Comenius University.

Viera Tomanová (Smer) – minister of labour, social affairs and family. She has worked in several functions in that ministry and has served as an adviser to the minister.

Ján Počiatek (Smer) – He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics at the Slovak University of Technics and studied at the University of Economics in Bratislava. He was a trade director and later became an executive director of Telenor Slovakia. According to the commercial registry, he is in several firms together with the vice-chairman of Smer, Robert Kaliňák.

Ľubomír Jahnátek (Smer) – economy minister. Has worked for about 14 years in Plastics Processing and Application Research Institute. Then he worked as a strategy director at Duslo šaľa and a general director of Plastika Nitra.

Ivan Valentovič (Smer) – health minister. Valnetovič worked in the health ministry, then in several positions in health insurance companies: Vzájomná životná poisťovňa, Zdravotná poisťovňa – VŽP, and Chemická zdravotná poisťovňa Apollo. Since 2004, he has been the general director of Spoločná zdravotná poisťovňa.

Ján Kubiš (Smer) – foreign affairs minister. He graduated from the Moscow Institute for International Affairs. He has held several diplomatic positions, including Ambassador of Slovakia to the UN. Since 1999, he has been the general secretary of OSCE.

Marek Maďarič (Smer) – culture minister: former press secretary and spokesman of Smer. Maďarič graduated from the Academy of Performing and Drama Arts. He used to be a scriptwriter and writer of advertising slogans. Later, he became an assistant to an MP and vice-chairman of the Council of Slovak Television. Maďarič is also the head of the media and press department of Smer.

Robert Kaliňák (Smer) – interior minister. From 2002 to 2005, he was an MP for Smer and chairman of the parliamentary defence committee. Kaliňák also works at the law firm Majeríková – Kaliňák – Koštiaľ – Turčan. According to the commercial registry, he is a co-owner of the Steam and Coffee restaurant chain and the company Equity.

František Kašický (Smer) – defence minister: As a spokesman for the defence ministry, he served under four ministers. In 2003, he became the head of the Military Defence Intelligence (VOS) Department, but was dismissed from the post in May 2004. Kaliňák, as the head of the parliamentary defence committee, said the reason was based on professional character.

Ľubomír Vážny (Smer) – minister of transportation, post offices and telecommunications. In 1985 to 2002, he was responsible for investments in Stavoinvesta Banská Bystrica, and a member of the board of directors and the chairman of supervisory board in Biotika Slovenská Ľupča (pharmaceutical company). Since 2002, he has been an MP for Smer.

Štefan Harabin (HZDS) – justice minister. Harabin was the head of the Supreme Court until 1998. In 2000, he was dismissed.

Miroslav Jureňa (HZDS) – agriculture minister. He has been a part of the organisational structure of several companies. (He has refused to say more about himself until he is confirmed in the position.)

Ján Mikolaj (SNS) – education minister. He worked at the University of Transportation as a deputy dean and director of the Slovak Road Administration (SSC). Currently, he is head of the department at the University of Žilina.

Jaroslav Izák (SNS) – environment minister. Izák is an architect and former mayor of Handlová. He is a member of the Trenčín regional government and an executive officer of IBS Handlová operating in cargo transoirtation and real estate business.

Marián Janušek (SNS) – minister of construction and regional development. He is a construction engineer. He works as a deputy to Žilina’s mayor, Ján Slota.

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