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Reader feedback: Who cares?

Re: Economists: Smer-SNS-HZDS government the worst option, Flash News Briefs, Volume 12, Number 25, June 26 - July 2, 2006

Who cares about the markets? Only the investors who hope to make more money by doing nothing. This is precisely [Robert] Fico's point. The rich have gotten richer while the average man in the street has gotten poorer. On a personal note, my Slovak relatives have seen their wages greatly decline in real terms since privatisation and flat tax reforms.

It simply can't be right for Slovakia to grow as it has without some of that wealth being more evenly distributed to the people actually doing the work over those simply stumping up the cash.

Regarding Slovak National Party (SNS), I do not see why a Slovak ethnic party would be more or less acceptable internationally than a Hungarian one. After all, this is Slovakia!

I would prefer Fico not have to deal with Mečiar, but the priority should be given to the Slovak people who have sanctioned his and other similar agendas to ensure a fairer distribution of wealth.

Personally, I would like to see Slovakia move towards the Russian model of a managed social democracy, a system which also had it's nay-sayers and fearmongers, but which is now the backbone of a rising economic powerhouse, with the people overwhelmingly supportive.

Slovakia is at a similar crossroads as pre-Putin Russia: Do what is right for the Slovak people, regardless of international pressure.


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