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ONE of two mothers, who recently left Dolný Kubín hospital with their newborns, suspected that she did not bring home her own baby-girl. The hospital ordered DNA tests, which proved the mistake on July 12. The hospital blames a human error for the mistake. It filed a complaint against an unknown culprit, who if found guilty, will be fired. Natália and Mária born on June 27 and 28, respectively, are now with their biological parents, who have not said yet whether they will be suing the hospital. This is the first such case in the hospital's history.
photo: Illustration photo: SME - Ján Krošlák

Slovak population increases in 2005

SLOVAKIA'S population increased by 4,358 in 2005, a signal the modest upward trend begun last year is continuing, the Statistics Office released on July 4.
This raised Slovakia's total population at the end of last year to 5,389,180.
In 2005, 54,625 children were born, which included 28,081 boys (51.4 percent) and 26,544 girls. However, the figure also includes 195 stillborn babies. A total of 53,475 inhabitants died over the same period.
Life expectancy is currently 70.1 years for men and 77.9 years for women. Deaths were mainly caused by circulatory, respi-ratory, digestive diseases and various forms of cancer.
The increase in population was caused by two factors: there were 955 more successful births than deaths and immigration increased by 3,403.
Population density in 2005 was 110 people per square kilometre, SITA wrote.

New project for senior citizens

NON-profit organization Harmónia života (Harmony of Life) is preparing to launch Seniorville, a new network of social service facilities for senior citizens in Slovakia.
According to Zuzana Porkertová, the project's PR manager, the aim is to "change the perception of social services in Slovakia and set a new, higher standard".
The first Seniorville centre was opened on July 1 in Jablonové, close to the western Slovak town of Malacky. Other facilities in the Trnava, Nitra, Banská Bystrica, Žilina, and Trenčín regions are also being planned.
"Seniorville provides profe-ssional care and an individual approach to clients that respects their personal requirements and needs. It provides the possibility of long or short term stays of up to three months," Porkertová told The Slovak Spectator. More information about the project, including prices, can be found at, which is also in English, German, Hungarian and Czech languages.

Hundreds of millions invested in thermal park

THE NEWLY-RENOVATED Bešeňová Thermal Park opened its doors on June 30.
Around Sk300 million has been invested into its modernisation over the last few years, of which the EU co-financed around Sk33 million, SITA wrote.
The park's new indoor swimming pools with thermal and non-thermal water were extended to over 2,200 square metres, which means water now covers around a third of the six-hectare area, according to Nodari Giorgadze, a representative of Eurocom Investment, which owns the park.
Its new features also include toboggans, a fitness centre, relaxation and massage areas and accomodation for up to 180 people.
Giorgadze expects over 400,000 visitors this year, chiefly from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Baltic countries.
This is good news for the households of Bešeňová,
one third of which offer accommodation.
"Tourism is for many inhabitants a source of income, so we welcome any activity that increases it," Bešeňová Mayor Martin Baran said.

Injured Czech tourists released from hospital

THE LAST of the 14 Czech tourists injured in a tragic bus accident on July 1 were released from Prešov Hospital on Monday, July 3, TASR wrote.
The accident occurred between the Chminianska Nová Ves and Svinia municipalities. All the 43 tourists were Czech citizens, mostly young people. One woman, aged 49, was killed.
An investigation remains uderway, according to Magdaléna Fečová from the District Police Headquarters in Prešov.
The bus driver, aged 38, has been charged with reckless endangerment resulting in considerable damage, serious injury and death. According to the police findings, he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time.
The damage to the bus has been estimated at Sk300,000 (€7,800).

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