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Reader feedback: Race to the bottom

Re: Social state or return to the past?, Volume 12, Number 30, August 7-August 13

Inheritance tax is the most unjust and wicked tax that blights the UK, and should be scrapped right now. The government has no right or claim to the self made wealth of a family, and neither do the rest of the population.

This money has already been taxed countless times and to take another bite due to a death is nothing short of immoral grave robbing. As this is now affecting more and more people who are far from wealthy, I can only assume it is a tool to keep people in their place.

I believe one old king frightened the peasants back on to the land with the term "rustics you are, and rustics you will remain. But your servitude will be a thousand times harsher than that you knew." Pretty much the response you get from this Socialist rabble if you ask for improvements.

Oscar, if you are looking for "comrades" to join you in a race to the bottom for pay and conditions, and to give up what little five generations struggled to get us in the UK, look elsewhere. Enjoy working your paddy field.

Luke Rogers,
Gloucester, England

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