Reader feedback: Nothing wrong with higher inheritance tax?

Re: Social state or return to the past?, Volume 12, Number 30, August 7-August 13

I don't see what the big problem with the inheritance tax is. If I could choose, I would definitly go for a higher inheritance tax and a lower income tax. The reasoning is simple: a person's wealth should depend on his ability and willingness to work, not on how wealthy his parents are. Nobody gets to choose his parents, so it is not a valid factor in judging someones effort or merit.

The bottom line, for me anyway, is that social security in Slovakia was until now non-existent. One of the Slovaks I know is a 50-year-old woman who worked as a clerk at a factory for about 20 years.

Shortly after Slovak independence, the company went bankrupt and she never found work again, because she didn't know the right people and wasn't young and attractive enough anymore. She now has to live off unemployment of 1,600 crowns, while the rent for her very modest flat is 8,000 crowns a month.

So anyone who wants to compare this with the social security system of Scandinavian countries doesn't really have a sense of reality.

J Philippe,

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