photo: Courtesy of SEDF

The world-renowned photograph Bare-chested Man in Front of a Russian Tank on Šafárikovo Square from August 21st 1968 by Ladislav Bielik that has remained a national symbol of defiance against armed aggression in Czechoslovakia can be seen along with 14 other photos from the period when Bratislava was occupied by Warsaw Pact armies. The photographs conveying all the fear, despair and heroism of that time can be seen including the most famous images, tanks in the streets, frightened pedestrians, a distraught officer brandishing his pistol as well as memorable pictures of Slovak citizens reasoning with the young invading soldiers. The photographs are on display in the Central-European House of Photography (SEDF) in Bratislava in the exhibit Ladislav Bielik: 14+1 from August '68. On August 21 at 17:30, SEDF will hold a discussion "What Has Remained from August 1968?" On September 6, also at 17:30 an auction of the displayed photos will take place. SEDF is located at Prepoštská 4. The exhibition is open daily except Monday between 13:00 and 18:00 until September 9. Tickets cost Sk20. For more information call 02/5441-8214.

photo: Courtesy of SEDF


Acoustic Colours - Guitarist Michal Vavro, violin player Stano Palúch, drummer and percussionist Igor Sabo and bass and double-bass player Juraj Griglák play in the Jazz Under the Tower cycle.
Starts: Aug 16 at 20:00. Admission: Sk100. Courtyard of the Old City Hall, Hlavné námestie. Tel: 02/5935-6650.

Historical Steam Train - The ride on the train takes you back to the time of steam driven locomotives.
Starts: Aug 19 at 10:00. Admission: Sk250 (adults), Sk150 (children between 6-15 years of age), children under 6 year can go free of charge. Múzeum dopravy, (The Transport museum), Šancova 1. Tel: 02/5935-6650.

Milan Lasica and Bratislava Hot Serenaders - Versatile Slovak artist accompanied by Bratislava Hot Serenaders perform old ragtime, New Orleans jazz, dixieland and early swing.
Starts: Aug 19 at 20:00. Admission: Sk299 and Sk350. Courtyard of Bratislava Castle. Tel: 02/5935-6650.

Boat of the Children of the Sun - A ship full of creative activities and fun in the company of actors, musicians and clowns takes you back to the days when the world was ruled by dancing and laughter.
Starts: Aug 20 at 15:00. Admission: Sk180. Osobný prístav (Passenger port), Fajnorovo nábrežie 2. Tel: 02/5293-2226.

Art, which Cures - Textile and clothes artist Zuzana Šujanová exhibits her paintings on silk along with photos of her textile creations within the cycle Art, which Cures.
Open: until September 8. Admission: free. Onkologický ústav Sv. Alžbety (Oncology Institute of St Elizabeth), Heydukova 10. Tel: 02/5924-9111.

Closing Concert of the 51st Piešťany Festival - Chamber orchestra I Musici Del Teatro conducted by Rastislav Štúr and soloists of the Opera of the Slovak National Theatre: soprano Katarína Šilhavíková, mezzo-sporano Denisa Hamarová, tenor Tomáš Juhás and bass Jozef Benci perform works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Pietro Mascagni, Giuseppe Verdi, Gaetano Donizetti, Giacomo Puccini, Jacques Offenbach and Bedřich Smetana.
Starts: Aug 18 at 19:30. Admission: Sk330. Congress Hall, Winterova 29. Tel: 033/7719-621.


LC DC More Than Fest - The rock festival hosts German Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, French Heavenly, Italian Graveworm, Polish Chainsaw, Czech Alkehol and Krleš and Slovak Horkýže slíže.
Starts: Aug 17-19. Admission: Sk990. Recreation area Ružiná. Tel: 045/5394-447.

Harvest-home - Folklore ensembles present traditional harvest celebrations accompanied by examples of traditional crop processing.
Starts: Aug 20 at 9:00. Admission: Sk60. Múzeum slovenskej dediny (The Slovak Village Museum), Jahodnícke háje. Tel: 043/4132-686.

Kremnica Castle Organ - Slovak organist Štefan Ternóczky plays works by Beethoven, Wagner and other composers to complete the festival.
Starts: Aug 20 at 18:00. Admission: Sk80. St Catherine Church in the Kremnica castle. Tel: 045/6742-856.

Dolný Hričov
Shepherds' Days - The festival presents sheep shearing, cheese production, woodcutters and folklore ensembles.
Starts: Aug 19 at 9:00. Dolný Hričov close to Žilina. Tel: 041/5572-203.


Convergence -Slovak keyboard magician Marián Varga plays with cellist Jozef Lupták within the festival.
Starts: Aug 18 at 21:30. St Jacob Church. Tel: 02/5245-4090.

Hont Parade - During the untraditional festival of traditional culture participants show traditional works of peasants including cutting grass with a scythe, threshing or baking bread in stone ovens. Visitors can taste local specialties as well as pear brandy in traditional courtyards across the village and see performances of Slovak and foreign folk ensembles in the local amphitheatre and the house of culture.
Runs: Aug 18-19 starting at 16:00. Local amphitheatre and other premises in Hrušov. Tel: 047/4880-122.

photo: Ethnographic Museum

Do you know what a generator and parachute have in common? Both were invited by scientists of Slovak origin, Štefan Anian Jedlik and Štefan Banič. To get more information about 49 Slovaks, who have made significant contributions to the development of sciences and techniques in the world, visit the exhibition Personalities of Science and Technique in Slovakia in the Ethnographic Museum in Martin. Engineer, physicist, and inventor Aurel Stodola, also called "the father of steam turbine" is probably the best known personality. The exhibit is open daily except Monday until September 20. The museum is located in the building of the Slovak National Museum at Malá Hora 2 in Martin. Tickets cost Sk25. For more information call 043/4133-096.

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