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Reader feedback: What's the problem with private schools?

Re: Minister unhappy about growing number of private schools, TSS Online, August 22, 2006

What advantage do private schools have over public, according to the description in this article? I can't see it. Parents obviously have to pay something extra at private schools, whereas those who have their kids in public schools don't pay anything.

Apart from that, private schools take over the administration and responsibility from the state, hence lifting away a heavy burden.

But this socialist oriented minister wants to indoctrinate kids and parents into one specific educational direction.

In private schools in Denmark, parents get a say in how the school should be run, what type of education the school should emphasize, and how the teaching should be organized.

According to the law here, those schools must at a minimum reach the same educational level as a public school. Why should this be banned in Slovakia?

Well, I know why, and it scares me.


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