Reader feedback: Hungarians in Slovakia should accept country as their own

Re: Photos fan new Slovak-Hungarian tensions, TSS Online, August 23, 2006

There have been problems among Slovaks and Hungarians in Slovakia for ages, but I think that the fact that Slota is in the government is going to worsen the situation. I don't think he should be allowed in the government at all.

I don't mind Hungarians living in Slovakia as long as they accept Slovakia as their own country, and speak proper Slovak in public. One of my friends went to the shop (in Slovakia), close to the Hungarian border, and when she spoke Slovak in the shop, the person answered back in Hungarian that he couldn't speak Slovak. I don't mind if they speak Hungarian at home with their family or friends, but I think I mind this.

I have lived in the UK for five years, and it is a bit sad that there are so many people that moved to the UK 20 or 30 years ago with their families who still can't say a word in English. They live in their communities and don't bother to accept the English culture. When you pass the area they live in, you don't understand a word that is written on the shops they run. I don't like that!

Many English people complain, but it looks like it's too late now. I don't want this to happen to Slovakia.


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