Budapest and Bratislava want to prepare a common statement

THE GOVERNMENTS in Budapest and Bratislava want to prepare a common statement against extremism and nationalism. Slovak and Hungarian Foreign Ministers Ján Kubiš and Kinga Goncz delivered this message after their discussion on the STV Slovak television station on September 3.

Further talks between Deputy Prime Minister Dušan Čaplovič of the Smer party and Pál Csáky, vice-chairman of the opposition Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK), sounded equally conciliatory, the daily Sme wrote.

Csáky said that while the parties in the Slovak parliament would not accept a resolution against extremism being prepared by the SMK, the party was prepared to support a similar statement being proposed by Parliamentary Speaker Pavol Paška, vice-chairman of Smer.

According to Kubiš, the recent extremism is due to the fact that the two nations have not yet come to terms with their common history. Goncz holds a similar opinion.

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