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Student insists attack occurred

HEDVIGA Malinová, the 23-year-old student who claimed to have been attacked by two unknown culprits in Nitra on August 25, insists that the attack occurred as she reported, even though police have called off the investigation and said the crime never happened.

At a press conference on September 13, Malinová spoke publicly about the attack for the first time, accompanied by her lawyer Gábor Gál, an MP for the opposition Hungarian Coalition Party (SMK).

Throughout the press conference Malinová insisted that she had not lied about the attack as police officials and Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák said earlier.

She admitted, however, that she does not remember many details from the morning when the attack allegedly happened. She also said that during the investigation the police tried to force her to confess that she had made up the story.

Kaliňák called a second press conference following Malinová’s, repeating that the police findings left no doubt in his mind that the attack never occurred, and that he was sorry the SMK was trying to politicize the case.

It is now up to the Attorney General’s Office to decide whether the police were right to halt their investigation.

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