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Reader feedback: Live in present, not past

Re: Reader feedback: Hungarians in Slovakia should accept country as their own, Vol. 12 No. 35, Sept. 4-10

If you want to delve into history, the Welsh (and the Irish) have a genuine claim to be indigenous to what we now call England. They were driven west by successive bands of Romans, Celts, Angles, Saxons, Vikings, Normans and so on. They could make a claim that their languages are considerably more British than the hybrid of French, German, Latin, Norse and various others which we now call English.

However, the point is that the vast majority are determined to live their lives to the best today, in 2006, not trying to carve out an existence in a time warp selected arbitrarily from a microcosm in the past. Others who resent the inevitable march of time and circumstance would do well to do the same.


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