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Reader feedback: Find something better to do

Re: Reader feedback: Hungarians in Slovakia should accept country as their own, Vol. 12 No. 35, Sept. 4-10

It is important to study and understand the dialectic at work throughout human history, to follow the development of modern religious beliefs out of primitive mythologizing, to see what things bring people to battlefields and what things bring them to peaceful commerce. But history is not there to be a stimulus to maintaining old hatreds, to sustaining old vengeances, or as a barrier to peaceful human development in the service of us all.

This topic, this utterly ridiculous rehashing of ancient grievances and xenophobic hatreds ad infinitum, indeed marks its participants as inhabitants of a time warp, stuck in place, unable to move forward and live peaceful, fruitful, engaging lives in real time, preferring instead to move backwards.

In the common vernacular: get over it. Find something real and important to put your energy into.

Don Merritt

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