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Slovakia calls on North Korea to stop nuclear tests

SLOVAKIA's Foreign Ministry has said the nuclear test carried out by North Korea is a highly irresponsible and unacceptable act, and warns that it has threatened international and regional peace and security.

According to a statement issued by the ministry on October 9, the nuclear test conflicts with efforts to ensure a Korean peninsula without nuclear weapons.

"In this connection, the Slovak Republic strongly urges North Korea to immediately stop nuclear testing, to give up its nuclear weapons, and to urgently and unconditionally return to the six-country [USA, North and South Korea, Japan, Russia and China] talks," the ministry stated.

According to its statement at the UN Security Council, where Slovakia currently holds a non-permanent seat, the country will support the adoption of decisive measures to deal with the situation.

North Korea announced on October 9 that it had carried out its first test of a nuclear weapon. The country thus became the ninth member of the group of countries that possesses nuclear weapons, including Russia, China, the US, Great Britain, France, India, Pakistan and Israel.

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