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Prosecutor rejects Hedviga Malinová’s appeal

The Nitra region district prosecutor has upheld a decision by the police to shelve their investigation of the alleged beating of an ethnic-Hungarian student in this south Slovak city on August 25.

According to the TV Markíza channel, after studying Malinová’s appeal for several weeks, the prosecutor’s office ruled like the police that the attack had never happened. According to Slovak custom, the prosecutor’s office did not justify or explain its decision.

The Attorney General’s Office has long maintained that if the local prosecutor dismissed the case, charges would be filed against Malinová for bearing false witness.

The SMK party, at a press conference today, said the decision was “problematic”, and that the prosecutor’s office had ignored two reports by teams of doctors confirming that Malinová’s injuries were genuine.

“The SMK will do everything it can to ensure that the police find out what happened to the girl,” said SMK vice-chairman Pál Csáky.

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