Mečiar to talk about Remiáš murder

FORMER PM Vladimíe Mečiar is to address parliament tomorrow to explain why the 1996 murder of Robert Remiáš was never properly investigated. Mečiar is to speak to MPs during debate on the fifth attempt of the opposition Christian Democrats to have the amnesty that he issued in the kidnapping of the former president’s son in 1995 overturned. The opposition claims the amnesty prevented investigators from getting to the bottom of the murder of Remiáš, a former policeman who was an important figure in the kidnapping case implicating the secret service. “They say the amnesty prevented the investigation [of the Remiáš murder], but it’s necessary for the truth to be told for the first time what exactly prevented the death of Robert Remiáš from being investigated,“ said Mečiar, who forecast “a somewhat longer speech”. The Christian Democrats proposal is not expected to pass.

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