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"I visit Slovakia regularly and look forward to catching up with the news by reading my copies of Spectator and Spex. However, I find it very irritating that my subscription copies of both publications are late in being delivered. I could have read a complimentary copy of the Spectator in a Bratislava hotel last Saturday while waiting for my prepaid subscription copy to be delivered to Trnava, while the latest issue of SPEX (advertised in TSS as being on sale at bookstands) has just gone missing! Please get your act together otherwise I will not renew."

- Michael Anthony,


To Michael, and others of you who may have had problems receiving your subscription copies, I'm very sorry (and frustrated) that this has happened. We were recently told by our parent company that they would start delivering our local copies, whereupon we found that their courier system left something to be desired. We are trying to solve the problems one by one, and put people who are having problems getting couriered copies back on the mailing system, but it's a slow process. Please, if you have had problems with distribution, write to beata.fojtikova@spectator.sk, and we'll try to put it right.

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