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Brutal murder of businessman was “highly professional” according to police

THE BRUTAL murder of a businessman in Polomka on the evening of November 14 bears all the signs of a professional job accomplished by people who underwent training similar to that provided to the police, stated Police President General Ján Packa. The police suspect that the killers could be former members of a special police unit.

Ján Kubašiak, a 39-year-old businessman from central Slovakia, was shot dead in his family house in the village of Polomka. The businessman was supposedly involved in an extensive motor fuel export fraud which police uncovered in 2004. His name has also been linked with that of convicted gangland boss Mikuláš Černák.

The media compared the murder to a mafia style execution which was witnessed by Kubašiak’s wife, his young daughter and three guests in the Kubašiak’s living room.

It is believed that a neighbor alarmed the police but that the masked men allegedly subdued the two-man patrol that was called to check the situation. They tied up all seven people present in the house and fled in a car.

Police chased them but the killers managed to escape, leaving one seriously hurt policeman behind.
The police already have suspects in mind for the murder and are currently searching for them.

According to Interior Minister Robert Kaliňák, recent criminal cases confirm problems in the Police Corps
caused by little or no investment into the modernization of the police force as well as a shortage of police officers that is becoming a chronic problem. “Offenders are ahead of the police in all aspects,” said minister's spokesman Erik Tomáš, adding that Kaliňák’s top priority is to improve the situation with the police from both the material and personnel aspects.

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