Poll: Right-wing candidate leads in Bratislava elections

ALTHOUGH Slovakia’s capital is reputed to be a “right-wing city”, the fight for the post of Bratislava mayor may turn out to be closer than expected.

A poll conducted by the Markant agency for the Sme daily showed that the right-wing candidate and current mayor of Bratislava, Andrej Ďurkjovský, is favoured by 27.7 percent of voters, putting the candidate of the the SDKÚ and KDH parties just 7.6 percentage points ahead of Smer’s Monika Flašíková-Beňová. Nearly a third of respondents were undecided.

Municipal elections in Slovakia will take place on December 2. Apart from electing their mayors, Slovaks in towns and villages will also elect local councilors.

In Bratislava, the fight for council seats also promises to be tight. The SDKÚ-KDH coalition is favored by 21.8 percent of voters, while the Smer – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia – Hungarian Coalition Party – Green Party – Free Forum grouping is supported by 18.4 percent.

The current Bratislava council is predominantly right-wing, with 67 of the 80 councilors coming from Slovakia’s former ruling coalition parties.

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