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photo: TASR

BAKELITE , the world's first synthetic plastic, is now a sought-after collector's item and is even exhibited in museums. The Slovak National Museum in Bratislava has recently opened the humorously-named exhibition, Paleolith, Neolith... Bakelite (Dawn of the Plastics). The display presents various bakelite products to remind its visitors that no household was able to go without bakelite products in the last century. Nowadays these products, whose designs remain interesting, cause nostalgia. Among the exhibits there is a wire broadcasting apparatus of the Tesla trademark from the late 1950s. Nowadays it ranks high in European bakelite museum collections, especially in Germany. The display also recalls the beauty of bakelite jewellery produced in Czechoslovakia in the 1930s, many of which have already been forgotten in spite of the current "retro wave". In addition, a mechanical device known as an accumulator wrinkle-smoother of Soviet design is another "jewel" of the display, which is open until February 25 in the Natural Science Museum at Vajanského nábrežie 2. Hours daily except Monday between 9:00 and 17:00. Tickets for the whole museum cost Sk100. For more information call 02/5934-9111.


Lukas Gruber and Betty Lee - Austrian bassoonist Lukas Gruber and Taiwanese pianist Betty Lee, who was brought up in New Zealand, play works by Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Fréderic Chopin, Johann Sebastain Bach, Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven.
Starts: Jan 16, 18:00. Admission: free. Mozart Hall at the Austrian Embassy, Ventúrska 10. Tel: 02/5464-1337.

When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth - Painter Sarah Keys continues organizing workshops in English for children under five years of age. This time focusing on the theme of dinosaurs.
Starts: Jan 17, 18 at 10:30-11:45. Admission: Sk100. Slovak National Gallery (SNG), Water Barracks, Rázusovo nábrežie 2. Tel: 0907/537-091. www.sng.sk.

Swoja Droga - The band, acclaimed by critics as a new figure on the Polish world music scene, performs.
Starts: Jan 18 at 20:00. Admission: Sk120. Klub za zrkadlom, Rovniankova 3. Tel: 02/6381-1328.

Czech-Slovak Folk Double Concert - the Czech duo of Petr Ovsenák and Jan Řepka from Prague Nestíháme and the successful folk and world music band from Košice Divozel perform.
Starts: Jan 20, 19:00. Admission: Sk80 in advance, Sk100 at the door. The House of Culture Lúky, Vígľašská 1. Tel: 02/6382-3930.

Frau.haus - Young fashion designer and jewellery-maker Silvia Jokelová arrives with new product designs inspired by craftworks.
Open: Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 until January 26. Admission: free. Dizajn štúdio ÚĽUV, Dobrovičova 13. Tel: 02/5296-4153.

Moravany nad Váhom
FAMAT - The festival of amateur production features eight bands (In Justice, Jar of flies, Zdanie klame, The Reason, Metamorfóza, Toxic Baby, Živý Plot and Mad Frequency) topped by singer Zuzana Smatanová, who started her career at a similar competition.
Starts: Jan 19, 16:00. Admission: Sk70. Local pub, Moravany nad Váhom. Tel: 033/7729-715. www.agenturaduna.sk.


Eduardo Borsuci in Optima Forma - This long name hides a new discovery of the Stanica club scene: the trio of Peter Stehlík (computer) Radovan Černák (bass) and Dušan Černák (drums) combining live instruments and electronics and mixing styles from ambient via funk, groove to drum'n'bass.
Starts: Jan 20 at 20:00. Admission: Sk50, Sk80. Stanica Žilina-Záriečie culture centre. Tel: 0907/137-145.

The Fifth International Triennial of Enamel - The display presents works created by artists during international and Czech enamel symposia held in 2005 and 2006.
Open: Tue-Fri 8:00-15:30, Sun 12:00-16:00 until January 31. Town House, Hlinkova 2. Tel: 041/4332-166.


Koly jasna zvizda - Singers and ensembles performing Ruthenian (Rusyn) folklore songs give a Christmas program.
Starts: Jan 18, 19:00. MsKS (Town Culture Centre), Strojárska 2060. Tel: 057/7623-635.

Comp&Neros - This group from Zvolen calls its music style "connecting" as they mix live music with electronics, analog with digital and all possible genres including drum'n'bass, jungle, breakbeat, rock, funky, bigbeat, and jazz.
Starts: Jan 20 at 20. Admission: Sk60. IC Culture Train culture centre, Vyšné Opátske. Tel: 055/6424-488.

Slovak Ceramics Today - A display of ceramic pieces created by Slovak artists.
Open: Tue, Wed, Fri 9:00-17:00, Thur 9:00-18:00, Sun 14:00-18:00 until February 2. Admission: Sk20. Šarišská galéria (Šariš Gallery), Hlavná 51. Tel: 051/ 772-5423.

photo: SNM

THE SPRING of the Slovak Nation exhibition in Modra presents the life and times of Ľudovít Štúr (1815-1856) and his supporters. The exhibition provides a special insight into the man who was not only instrumental in codifying and promoting the modern Slovak language, but is generally recognized as the leading nineteenth-century proponent of the idea of an independent Slovak nation. Visitors have a unique opportunity to view interesting documents and prints from the time of Štúr and his supporters, along with personal items belonging to members of the Štúr generation. These items include an inkwell and cigar box belonging to poet Andrej Sládkovič, an officer's hat owned by writer Ján Kalinčiak, a pair of spectacles belonging to Slovak nationalist and philosopher Jozef Miloslav Hurban, and a tie owned by poet Janko Kráľ. The exhibition also focuses on Štúr's private life, and includes personal letters and information on his family. The exhibition in the Ľ. Štúr Museum at Štúrova 84 in Modra is open Tue-Fri from 8:00-16:00 until June 30. For more information call 033/6472-765.

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