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photo: Pressburger Klezmer Band

WELL-KNOWN Slovak klezmer band, the Pressburger Klezmer Band, hosts the Czaldy-Waldy Quartet, a unique world music group from Brno, Czech Republic, on March 8 as part of its regular double-concert programme. Czaldy Waldy is the name of an ancient Czech dance from the 14th century. The Czech band with the same name consists of four musicians who find their inspiration in ethnic music, in particular from the eastern Slovak region of Zemplín and Sub-Carpathian Russia, with other influences ranging from Arabian music to jazz improv. The concert starts at the Klub za zrkadlom music club at Rovniankova 3 in Bratislava at 20:00. Tickets cost Sk190 in advance and Sk240 at the door. For more information call 02/6381-1328.


Concert on the Occasion of World Cancer Day - Gypsy band Romano štilo with bandmaster František Rigo, opera singer Miroslav Dvorský, Czech violinist Pavel Šporcl, singer Miriam Garajová and others perform works by Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Brahms and Paganini as well as Slovak folk songs, traditional Jewish songs and others.
Starts: March 7, 19:00. Admission: Sk255, Sk300. The Arena Theatre, Viedenská cesta 10. Tel: 02/6720-2557.

U.F.O. - The charismatic British group immortalized by their albums Phenomenon, Force It, and Obsession arrives to introduce its latest album, The Monkey Puzzle.
Starts: March 9, 20:00. Admission: Sk699-Sk1,600. The Arena Theatre, Viedenská cesta 10. Tel: 02/6720-2557.

Tap Hop! - Pow Ensemble, established by Dutch saxophonist Luc Houtkamp in 2001 with a vision of chamber music for the 21st century, plays new sounds and improvisations using both electronic and acoustic instruments.
Starts: March 8, 20:00. Admission: Sk150. A4 - zero space, Nám. SNP 12. Tel: 0918/716-072.

Lithuanian Photography Yesterday and Today - The Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers presents 15 Lithuanian photographers of different generations.
Open: Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00 until March 18. Admission: Sk20. The Central European House of Photography, Prepoštská 4.
Tel: 02/5441-8214.

Women - Flowers - Still Lives - The display of 58 paintings marks the 70th birthday of painter Jozef Trepáč.
Open: Tue-Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00 until March 30. Admission: free. Ardan Gallery, Dobrovičova 7. Tel: 0905/443-106.

Transvestite show - The Screamers transvestite group performs.
Starts: March 11, 20:00. Admission: Sk250, Sk300. Dom Kultúry (The House of Culture), SNP 16. Tel: 031/7714-059.

Wandering - Slovak painter, book illustrator, and graphic artist Martin Kellenberger exhibits his paintings.
Open: Mon-Sun 15:00-18:00 until March 13. Admission: free. Merum Gallery, Štúrova 108.
Tel: 02/5478-9416.


Dolný Kubín
Arts without Borders - Seventeen Austrian artists from the northern Austrian town of Braunau am Inn present developments in visual arts in the region of Braunau from the 20th century to today.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-17.00 until April 29. Admission: Sk20. Oravská galéria (Orava Gallery), Hviezdoslavovo námestie 11. Tel: 043/5863-212.

Out of the City - Important Slovak conceptual artist Rudolf Sikora displays his photos and drawings, some from his Out of the City cycle, which he created in Zvolen during his short stay in this town in 1970.
Open: Wed-Sun 10:00-17:45 until March 18. Admission: free. Zvolen Castle, SNP Square.
Tel: 045/5321-903.


Philharmony and Devil's Violin - The Košice Philharmonic Orchestra and Devil's Violin of Berky-Mrenica play works by Liszt, Brahms and others under the baton of Karol Kevický.
Starts: March 8, 19:00. Admission: Sk160-Sk240. Dom Umenia, Moyzesova 66. Tel: 055/6258-888.

Niger 2006 (Not Only during the Solar Eclipse) - Vojtech Rušin from the SAV's Institute of Astronomy exhibits photos of Niger, which he visited twice during solar eclipses, included in a new cycle entitled The Photographer from the Region at the Foot of the Tatras.
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat 9:00-13:00 until March 24. Admission: Sk20. Tatranská Galéria, Alžbetina 30. Tel: 052/7721-968.

photo: ČTK

THE KYSUCE Museum in Čadca is preparing for the national exhibition and competition of kraslice, painted Easter eggs. Until February 25 folk handicraftsmen could enter their eggs in the competition for the most beautiful kraslica. The folk artists compete in various methods of decorating the egg shells. The traditional methods include painting and decorating with wax, wire, reeds, and other natural materials. With this event, the museum hopes to encourage young people to maintain the art of decorating Easter eggs for future generations and to display and enrich the existing local techniques. The exhibition of Easter eggs will continue at the Kysucké Múzeum in the chateau in Radoľa until April 11. The museum is open weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00 and weekends from 10:00 to 16:00. Tickets costs Sk20. For more information call 041/4212-505.

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