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Nová Bošáca
Police detonate 225-kilo bomb from WWII

This sixty-year old bomb was eventually destroyed in a controlled explosion.
photo: TASR

POLICE detonated a 225kg bomb from the Second World War that was found on April 13 in a forest near the village of Nová Bošáca (Trenčín Region), the TASR news wire reported.
The bomb, which had lain there for more than 60 years, was moved a half-kilometre away from the site of the find for detonation. The surrounding areas were sealed off to protect village buildings from the explosion.
The bomb, which contained 120 kilograms of TNT, was buried in the ground and blown up using additional charges. It created a crater seven metres in diameter.
The bomb belonged to a downed B-17 bomber. It was found with a metal detector by hunters of wartime relics.
The US aircraft was said to have been flying from Italy to bomb the Czech city of Ostrava, which was occupied by Germans at the time. B-17 bombers used to carry at least 12 bombs of this kind.

Siamese twins undergo first operation

SIAMESE twins Miško and Marek, who were born on April 11 in Bratislava, went through their first operation on April 13, the Pravda daily wrote.
The operation was urgently needed to repair the impassable bowels of one of the boys. Professor Jaroslav Siman told the daily that it was a life-threatening complication for the children, and their condition stabilized after the operation.
"But I think that their condition is still serious. Only these days will show how their digestive track will develop," Siman said.
The boys' bowels were not properly developed. Doctors needed to make an excretory duct for Marek.
The operation lasted five hours. While they were operating, doctors found out that the boys do not have a joint liver, as was originally thought. This may facilitate their separation.
However, that operation will not happen any time soon.
"First the boys have to grow a bit," Siman said. The twins will also have to undergo more operations first.
Last week's operation also uncovered some unpleasant facts. The boys' hearts have defects, but as surgeon Vladimír Cingel told Slovak Television, "these can be fixed."
Twins Miško and Marek are joined at the lower part of the thorax and abdomen. This is Slovakia's fourth case of Siamese twins since the 1970s. According to professor Siman, only one pair of girls from Rožňava have survived. The girls, now seven, were joined at the pelvis and doctors separated them two months after their birth.

Children of NAT0 soldiers help schools in Liptov

SOME 850 children of NATO soldiers serving in Europe spent a week building playgrounds, swings and summer houses at primary and secondary schools around the Liptov and Orava regions, the TASR news wire reported.
They worked on the projects in the Žilina Region from April 9 to 14.
One summer house was erected by foreign schoolchildren at a primary school in the central Slovak town of Liptovský Mikuláš. Principal Ľudmila Sedliaková said the school hosted 50 young people in a similar project last year.
The boys and girls from 15 to 19 years of age came from 15 European countries and financed the trip themselves. They also helped Slovak children improve their English and German skills.
The initiative was arranged by Jednota Bratská, a non-profit organization in Liptovský Mikuláš, in cooperation with regional offices.

French climber scales Slovak Radio building

Alain Robert, known as the "French Spiderman", had little problem climbing the Slovak Radio building (left) on April 12.
photo: Jana Liptáková

FRENCH climber Alain Robert, also known as the "French Spiderman," needed less than 20 minutes to climb the Slovak Radio building, shaped like an upside-down pyramid, in Bratislava on April 12.
Robert, who is known to prefer city buildings to mountains, said after his performance that he felt very dehydrated after the first several metres. If the Radio's reporters hadn't passed him a bottle of water, he said he probably wouldn't have continued the climb.
Moreover, the steel construction was unpleasantly hot due to the brightly shining sun.
After the performance, police checked Robert's permission to climb the upside-down pyramid and did not give him any trouble.
"This building was not exceptionally surprising from my viewpoint, but I still think that it was difficult," said Robert, who climbed belayed.
The Frenchman originally planned to test himself on the much taller Slovak National Bank building, standing right next to the radio building. However, the bank's management denied him permission.
Robert was in Slovakia as a guest of the Mountains and City festival.

Masked commandoes fatally shoot suspect

THE NITRA police commando unit shot and killed an armed 37-year-old suspect, Marián Račko, in Radava, on April 13, the daily wrote.
A court had issued police with a warrant to search Račko's house because he was suspected of illegal possession of firearms. The fifteen officers who arrived at his weekend house to carry out the search challenged him to walk out and give himself up. Instead, he ran out wielding a machine gun and was shot dead by a single round fired by a masked commando member.
Police commissioner Ján Packa said that the police action was appropriate, as Račko's submachine gun was prepared and loaded with 30 rounds. He said police discovered a weapons cache and articles required for drug production in Račko's house, in the Nové Zámky district.
Two years ago, Račko caused an explosion in a rented house in the village of Bardoňovo.
During the explosion of Second World War ammunition on October 10, 2005, 17 buildings were damaged, including a funeral home and a health care facility.
Bardoňovo citizens remem-ber Račko as always being a troublemaker, the TASR news wire wrote.
Shortly before the October explosion, there was a fire in the house, during which its roof was completely damaged. Police and firefighters found stashes of ammunition in the house at the time.

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