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JOIN THE parade of Danube water sprites to be held as part of the 10th annual International Festival of Water Sprites marking the fact that along with wine makers and growers and merchants, fishermen used to be the third biggest community in Bratislava. Set for Saturday, June 9, the festival is open to all. Everyone is encouraged to create a "water world" mask and join a parade starting at 11:00 from the Danube riverbank close to the Slovak National Museum. The parade will work its way toward Hviezdoslavovo námestie, where a jury will award prizes for the best masks. In the afternoon, foreign and Slovak teams will compete in a Danube fish soup cook off starting at 14:00. Tasting and evaluation of the Hungarian soup, halászlé, the Russian version, ucha or solyanka, traditional Slovak cream fish soup, French bouillabaisse or fish soups prepared according to family recipes will start at 17:00. For more information, call 0905/479-742.


Bratislava in Movement - The 11th year of the international festival of contemporary dance offers visitors the best dance performances of the international as well as national scene. The performers include Canadian choreographer Marie Chouinard with her ensemble; the young Hungarian experimental dancer Réka Szabó; Austrian Helen Weinzierl with an inter-disciplinary performance by the Laroque troupe; Ján Goščák, Jaro Viňarský and the Debris Company performs a duet; and choreographers Stanislava Vlčeková and Daniel Raček, who represent Slovakia. Slovak dancers and musicians perform in the streets of the Old City Centre.
Runs: Jun 9-16. Admission: Sk250. SND, Hviezdoslavo Square, Slovak Radio, Mýtna 1. Tel: 02/5443-1723,

Orfeo ed Euridice - The performance of the opera by Ch. W. Gluck in concert form featuring Austrian alto Markus Forster, Slovak soprano Adriana Kučerová, amd Polish soprano Anna Mikolajczyk takes place within the Days of Early Music festival.
Starts: Jun 10, 19:00. The Slovak Philharmonic, Palackého 2. Tel: 02/5443-0998.

Junifest - The fourth year of the biggest beer festival in Slovakia enriched with performances by dance and music bands, competitions and world record attempts takes place.
Runs: Jun 8-17, 15:00. Admission: Sk100 (for one day), Sk550 (for the whole festival). Incheba, Viedenská cesta. Tel: 02/5249-3975,

Dolná Krupá
Popular Music in a Bit Different Way - Students of Trnava's Elementary Art School of M. Schneider-Trnavský perform.
Starts: Jun 10, 16:00. Manor House Dolná Krupá. Tel: 033/5577-260.

Story of A-R Group - This display presents individual and joint projects of visual artists of a generation born between 1945 and 1950: Klára Bočkayová, Milan Bočkay, Ladislav Čarný, Daniel Fischer, Vladimír Kordoš, Otis Laubert, Igor Minárik, Marian Meško, Marián Mudroch, and Dezider Tóth.
Open: Tue-Sun 10:00-17:00 until June 24. Admission: Sk30. Nitrianska Galéria (Nitra Gallery), Župné Námestie 3. Tel: 037/6579-641.


Captain Fracasse - The romantic comedy by Théophile Gautier performed by artists from the Zvolen-based Divadlo J. G. Tajovského theatre opens the 34th year of the international drama festival. Street performances take place at the Zvolen central square and nearby streets between June 7 and 10. The opera part of the festival will start on June 23.
Starts: Jun 8, 9, 21:00. Admission: Sk180-210 (June 8), Sk140/170Sk (June 9). The courtyard of the Zvolen Castle. Tel: 045/5332-191.

Today an Apprentice, Tomorrow a Master - Handicraftsmen demonstrate traditional production and children's folk dance and music ensembles from Turiec region perform.
Starts: Jun 10. Admission: Sk60. The Museum of the Slovak Village. Tel: 043/4239-491.

Rimavská Sobota
The Best ... from Collections of GMM - An exclusive book Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) from 1912 with works by Vasilij Kandinsky, whose price is estimated at more than Sk1 million, is one of the most precious exhibits at this display of artworks from the collections of Gemersko-Malohontské Múzeum (Gemer-Malohon Museum - GMM).
Open: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sun-Sat 9:00-15:00 until August 15. Admission: Sk20. Gemersko - malohontské Múzeum, Nám. M. Tompu 24. Tel: 047/5632-741.


760th Anni-versary - The town of Prešov celebrates the anniversary of the first written mention of the town with a rich programme including a market of traditional handicraft products, the re-enactment of historical scenes by fencing groups as well as concerts by pop and folk music bands.
Runs: June 4-10. Pedestrian zone and other places in the town. Tel: 051/16-186.

Traditional Handicrafts in Open-air Museum - Handicraftsmen show what traditional crafts used to look like and folk musicians from Svidník play.
Starts: Jun 10, starting at 9:30. Admission: Sk10-Sk40. The open-air museum of the folk architecture in Bardejov Spa. Tel: 054/4722-072.

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AN AFTERNOON flight of hot air balloons opens the five-day festival in the eastern Slovak town of Košice on June 6. The 14th year of the International balloon fiesta offers afternoon flights from the large grass lawn close to OC Cassovia, which is ideal for such an event. Morning flights will start from the city centre. Again, there are seven scheduled flights including the night blowing of balloons planned for June 8, which will be accompanied with a rich cultural programme. Those courageous enough can take a ride in a balloon and see how the city looks from above. For more information, call 055/6748-426.

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