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photo: Petit Palais/Roger-Viollet

BRATISLAVA CASTLE hosts an exhibition of French tapestries, The Art of Tapestries. The unique display presents precious tapestries that date back to the 17th and the 18th centuries from the collections of the Le Petit Palais museum in Paris. Visitors can see 24 large-scale tapestries created by French and Belgian craftsmen. They are divided into six main themes: Alexander the Great, Greek mythology, Biblical motifs, Horses and Riding, Children's Games, and tapestries depicting scenes from rural life. Some of the tapestries are copies of paintings by Charles Le Brun, who acted in the court of Louis XIV, the Sun King. This exhibition of hand-made tapestries that once decorated the homes of European aristocrats is one of the last to be held in the Historical Museum at Bratislava Castle prior to its extensive reconstruction. It is open daily, except Monday, from 9:00 to 17:00 until September 2. Tickets cost Sk100. For more information, call 02/5972-4216.


A Concert Marking the 180th Anniversary of the Death of Ludwig van Beethoven - Štefan Gyöpös (violin), Peter Pažický (piano) and Dezider Szulcsányi (viola) play works by Beethoven and other composers.
Starts: Jun 26, 18:00. Mozart Hall of the Austrian Embassy, Ventúrska 10. Tel: 02/5464-1337.

International Bratislava - The Budapest Youth Orchestra and the Bratislava Boys Choir perform within a cycle of the Summer of Culture.
Starts: Jun 30, 18:00. Admission: Sk50. PKO (Culture and Leisure Park), Nábrežie Ľ. Svobodu, Old Town. Tel: 02/5935-6650.

The 15th Slovak Harness Derby - Harness racing takes place.
Starts: Jul 1, 14:00. Admission: Sk40. Závodisko (Racecourse), Starohájska 29. Tel: 02/6241-1504.

Stone Factory - Swedish photographer Olof Jarlbro went to Nepal to take pictures of small stone factories in which whole families, including children, are employed.
Open: Tue-Sun 13:00-18:00 until July 1. Admission: Sk20. The Central-European House of Photography (SEDF), Prepoštská 4. Tel: 02/5441-8214.

Painting and World - This display presents works by visual artists inspired by the connection between the visual arts and literature.
Open: Tue-Fri 10:00-18:00, Sat 12:00-18:00 until August 31. Admission: free. Ardan Gallery, Dobrovičova 7. Tel: 0905/443-106.

Kamenný Mlyn
Country Mlyn (Country Mill) - This traditional country music festival features Czech musicians Waldemar Matuška, Hana Zagorová, Poutníci, Wabi Daněk, and Slovak musicians Vašo Patejdl and Zuzana Smatanová, among others.
Runs: Jun 29-30. Admission: Sk500 (festival pass), Sk350 (one day). Kamenný Mlyn, Plavecký Štvrtok (near Malacky). Tel: 034/ 7793296, www.countrymlyn.sk.

Nové mesto nad Váhom
Topfest - Rock/pop festival hosts Czech bands Kabát, Čechomor, Kryštof and Slovak bands Peha, Tublatanka, Polemic, Družina, among others.
Runs: Jun 29-30. Admission: Sk500 (festival pass), Sk350 (one day). Zelená Voda recreation area, Nové mesto nad Váhom. www.topvarrockfest.sk.


World Etno Fest - World, ethno and alternative music bands, such as Cuban group Azucar Negra, Czech band Benedikta and Slovak group Longital, perform at the festival, which is accompanied by an exhibition marking the 80th anniversary of the local museum with a display of photos about Levice.
Runs: Jun 29-30. The Levice Castle. www.worldetnofest.jazzbluesclub.sk.

Banská Bystrica
Yehudhith - This exhibition presents original work from a book of photos taken by American photographer Elliot Ross accompanied by texts about women and the Holocaust. The display presents 44 anonymous portraits of Jewish women, as well as excerpts from texts by Charlotte Delbo to Adolf Hitler.
Open: Tue-Fri 9:00-17:00, Sat-Sun 10:00-16:00 until July 22. Stredoslovenská galéria (Central-Slovak Gallery - Pretórium), Nám. Š. Moysesa 25. Tel: 088/7248-64.


Heaven and Hell - Heaven and Hell's world tour, consisting of members from legendary metal group Black Sabbath (in which Ronnie James Dio replaced Ozzy Osborne), is one of the biggest and most anticipated rock events of the year.
Starts: Jun 26, 19:00. Admission: Sk699-Sk1299. Steel Arena. www.steelarena.sk.

Cassia Dance Fest - The second year of this international dance festival brings together more than 600 dancers performing in almost all styles.
Runs: Jun 30-Jul 2, 11:00. Admission: Sk500. Steel Arena. www.steelarena.sk.

Humenský Toliar - Folk music and dance ensembles Šarišan from Prešov, Čačina from Spišská Nová Ves, DFS Haviarik from Rožňava, and others perform during the sixth edition of the festival.
Opens: Jul 1, 14:00. Admission: Sk30. The House of Culture, Gorkého 1. Tel: 057/7882-130.

Peter Lipa
photo: ČTK

DURING THE last weekend of June, Trnava becomes the centre of music, dance, and fun with the 16th Dobrofest, a tribute to the Dopyera brothers, the Slovak-American inventors of the "dobro" guitar. This year, the festival returns from the gardens of the Západoslovenské múzeum (Western-Slovak Museum) back to the main city square, Trojičné Námestie. Headliners include American Big Danny Wilson and the Mississippi Grave Diggers, dobro player Todd Livingston from Nashville, Czech player Rudolf Křesťan with Druhá Tráva, French singer and dobro player Pascal Messnier, Italian player Tono Balocco, Polish bluegrass band Czas na Grass, and others. Jazzman Peter Lipa, Peter Szabadoš, and Fragment will be among those representing Slovakia. The festival runs June 28 to 30. For more information, call 033/3236-440 or visit www.dobrofest.sk (also in English).

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