photo: Danubiana

THE DANUBIANA Gallery, located on an artificial peninsula that is part of the Gabčíkovo hydropower station on the Danube, is bringing to Slovak art lovers another fascinating artist - Lucebert, the important Dutch poet, painter and photographer. He was born Lubertus Jacobus Swaanswijk in 1924 in Amsterdam and died in Alkmaar in 1994. He had hardly any official education in the arts, and his work retained his naive, childlike world view. This versatile artist perceived art as a "children's playground" - a space for unrestrained, never-ending play filled with joy and pure fantasy. At the same time, however, he was aware of human impotence and vulnerability, of man's constant struggle against everyday reality. He excelled as a poet, and was involved in painting, drawing, photography, graphic art, wall painting and ceramics. Lucebert was one of the founding members of Cobra, an experimental group of young painters and poets from Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium. The exhibition, Lucebert - painter, poet and photographer, in the gallery in Čunovo, near Bratislava, is open daily except Monday between 10:00 and 20:00 until September 2. Tickets cost Sk80. For more information, call 02/6252-8501 or visit


Klezmer Ship - The Pressburger Klezmer Band plays during a voyage on the Danube as part of the Music on the Danube series.
Starts: Aug 6, 19:00. Admission: Sk200. Ship Martin, the Passenger Port. Tel: 02/5935-6650.

St. Vavrinec - Chefs and bakers celebrate the day of their patron, St. Vavrinec, and present their works.
Starts: Aug 11, 11:00. Admission: free. Main Square. Tel: 02/5935-6650.

Ken Stringfellow - The American musician, best known for his work with The Posies and R.E.M., gives a solo concert. Prior to his concert, the Slovak band Stares officially introduces its latest album, Swan Songs, and plays some songs from it.
Starts: Aug 11, 21:00. Admission: Sk100. Hlava XII music club, Bazová 9. Tel: 0902/879-935.

Nine Inch Nails - The industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails, or NIN, from Cleveland, gives a concert.
Starts: Aug 12, 20:00. Admission: Sk990, Sk1,490. Incheba Expo Aréna, Viedenská cesta.

Icons of the Golden Age - Slovak contemporary painter Jozef Dodo Baus exhibits a selection of his works, all featuring iconic symbols from his childhood.
Open: Mon-Fri 8:00-19:00 until August 18. Admission: free. GUBA Gallery, Galvániho 7. Tel: 0907/150-345,

Vitamin Painting - This display presents works by Slovak young artists and friends Jozef Bolf, Veronika Drahotová, Martin Gerboc, Jakub Hošek, and Erik Šille.
Open: Tue-Fri 14:00-18:00 until September 3. Admission: free. Bastart Gallery, Štetinova 1. Tel: 0911/656-016, www.bastart.

Nové Zámky
Kozel Klikkfest - For lovers of punk, reggae, ska, and rock, there will be concerts by Jamaican reggae legend Jimmy Cliff, Czech band Kabát, Italian punk-rock band The Hormonauts, German ska-punk band Acquired Grooves, Austrian nu-metal Last Warning and British Spekki Chris Band.
Runs: Aug 9-11. Admission: festival pass Sk450 (in advance), Sk550 (at the door). Sihoť island.

Červeník - Another installment of this popular festival features Slovak headliners Peha, IMT Smile, Desmond, singer Peter Nagy as well as the folk music and dance ensemble Lúčnica.
Runs: Aug 10-12. Admission: festival pass Sk400 (in advance), Sk100-250 (daily tickets). The amphitheatre in Červeník, close to Leopoldov.


Kokava nad Rimavicou
Koliesko - Young fans of Slovak folk music and dance meet at the 17th annual staging of this festival.
Runs: Aug 9-12. Venues in Kokava nad Rimavicou. Tel: 047/4293-225,

Očová's Folklore Clod - The aim of this annual folklore festival is to keep local folklore traditions alive. This staging is dedicated to players of the traditional Slovak folk instrument, the fujara, from Očová.
Runs: Aug 10-12. Očová (close to Zvolen), football stadium. Tel: 045/5349-069,


Tatranská Lomnica
Campfest - The programme of this open-air music festival for those who are searching for God includes concerts by British gospel band Four Kornerz, British gospel DJ G, British musician Keith Ayling, known as Kato, Polish rock band Leaf, German singer Sarah Brendel, and many others from abroad as well as Slovakia.
Runs: Aug 9-12. Admission: festival pass Sk450 (in advance), Sk550 (at the door). Športcamp recreation area. Tel: 051/772-5767,

photo: GJK

WELL-KNOWN Slovak photographer Tibor Huszár is presenting a selection of his black-and-white photos as part of the Retrospective exhibition in Trnava. The 26 photos present the best cycles of the photographer. They include portraits of the painter Koloman Sokol, writers Rudolf Sloboda, Dominik Tatarka, Milan Rúfus, and ethnographer and photographer Karol Plicka, as well as photos of a riot in Leopoldov prison. Other photos show how he sees the cities of New York and Naples. Another part of the exhibition is dedicated to Roma people, which is a theme to which Huszár has been dedicated for many years. The exhibition is open in the Synagogue - The Centre of Contemporary Arts of the Ján Koniarek Gallery (GJK) at Halenárska 2 daily except Monday until the end of August, from10:00 to 18:00 weekdays, and 13:00 to 18:00 on weekends. It is closed from 12:00 to 13:00. Tickets cost Sk30 and Sk15. For more information, call 033/5514-657 or visit

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