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Police seize Ukrainian cigarettes worth Sk1.5 million

SLOVAK police seized 3,500 cartons of smuggled cigarettes with Ukrainian duty stamps in two unlocked Ukrainian cars with no license plates close to the Slovak-Ukrainian border.
The cigarettes would be worth at least Sk1.5 million (€45,000) on the Slovak market.
Police made the seizure near the village of Koromľa in the Sobrance District on October 31.
The cigarettes are now in the hands of customs officers. A criminal investigation is underway, Košice police spokeswoman Jana Demjanovičová told the SITA newswire.

Slovak tourism website now in Polish and Hungarian

SLOVAKIA'S official tourism website has been extended to two large target markets. It has just been launched in Polish and Hungarian, Slovak Tourism Board spokesman Ivan Garčár told the SITA newswire.
That means is now available in five languages: Slovak, English, German, Polish and Hungarian.
The website is the Slovakia's official tourism promotion and information space on the internet. It promotes Slovakia as a destination for tourists and offers basic information about Slovak attractions. It also contains contact information and information about accommodation, restaurants and other tourism services.

Health directory website wins contest

A WEBSITE listing the addresses of health care facilities, general practitioners, dentists and other health care providers has won the Sme daily's first competition for amateur or semi-professional Slovak websites.
The winning site,, was hailed for saving patients time and needless travel. It lists profiles of thousands of Slovak doctor's offices, hospitals and pharmacies, along with their opening hours and contact information, Sme wrote.
The daily said this project stood out because with millions of crowns invested into improving health care information systems, this is still one of the few sites that are really useful for patients.
The website is run by three students, Michal Čelko, Michal Král and Lenka Šipláková, who have invested their own time and money into it. It earns enough money to cover its employees' wages and operating costs through advertising and providing additional services for doctors on the site.
The webmasters say they do not have "any illusions" that they could create a comprehensive list of Slovak doctors, but they want to put as much contact information as possible online.
Other winning sites were, a discussion and information website;, an information website for mushroom pickers; and, the website for an apartment complex at 14 Rovniankova Street in Petržalka.
The contest, which the daily announced in August, was the first of its kind in Slovakia. Nearly 420 websites entered the competition. Of them, 45 advanced to the final round.
The webmasters of all four winning projects won ads for their services on the daily's site, books, free web hosting and the chance to cooperate with the daily on further developing their services. The winning site received a notebook computer.

Bratislava driver rescued from the Danube

A YOUNG woman from Bratislava nearly drowned after her car ended up in the Danube River at the Čunovo dam on November 3.
The accident happened in a parking lot near the river where fast car lovers gather to show off their vehicles' speed, Čunovo Mayor Gabriela Ferenčáková said.
After the car sank underwater, a friend of the driver jumped into the water, broke a car window and pulled her out of the car, said Alena Toševová from the Regional Directorate of the Police Corps in Bratislava.
Both were taken to hospital with minor injuries. They were treated and released.
Ferenčáková said she wasn't surprised an accident like this happened near the parking lot.
"I think it was only a matter of time until such an accident, or a blessing in disguise, happened," she said.

Arrested man claims cannabis plants were "insulation"

Police seized more than 100 kilos of cannabis plants in September.
photo: ČTK

AN ANTI-DRUG raid that netted more than 100 kilograms of cannabis from the garden of a family house in Vígľašská Huť in early September has had a surprise ending for police. An examination failed to confirm that the cannabis plants contained THC, the chemical in marijuana that produces a "high".
In spite of this, the owner of the plants faces a charge of illegal production of drugs and imprisonment up to five years, the Pravda daily wrote. Prosecutors are already dealing with the case.
Police seized more than 4,300 marijuana plants, weighting 106 kilograms in total, growing outside a family home near Detva. In Slovakia, cannabis is on the list of psychotropic substances and growing it is only legal for industrial purposes. However, the Criminal Law does not include anything about THC-free cannabis.
A 37-year-old man from Prešov has been charged, not for directly producing or storing drugs, but for keeping an instrument for the illegal production of drugs.
The man said he wanted to use the cannabis, which would be useless for marijuana smokers, to insulate the roof of his family house.
"I almost froze during the winter two years ago," he told Pravda. "So I decided to fill in the attic. Because cannabis is a very good insulation material, I bought certified cannabis in the Czech Republic and planted it."
Two months ago, police presented this case as a success in their fight against drug crimes, code-named Slatina (Moorland).
The District Police Directorate in Zvolen is still investigating the case.
The prosecution is now looking into whether the cannabis owner committed a criminal offence.
"The accused has submitted some motions to check the actions taken by the investigator. After the prosecutor examines the file, he will decide on the next steps," Rastislav Remeta from the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Banská Bystrica told the daily.

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