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FBI agent assists an American in fight over child

On noon on the last day of 2000 an emergency Slovak police unit was dispatched after an anonymous call reported unknown individuals allegedly forcing a small girl into a car, according to the Slovak Interior Ministry.
After arriving on the scene, police arrested a group struggling both verbally and physically. They later discovered that a 39 year-old US citizen had tried to kidnap his four year-old daughter with the assistance of a 45 year-old FBI agent. The man cited an American court verdict which stated that the child should be placed in her father's custody.
All participants in the affair were released after a consultation with Interpol and hearing concluding that the child should remain with her Slovak mother because she [the daughter] bore Slovak citizenship.

Drunk exhibitionist masturbates at railway station

A 24 year-old man was arrested at Trnava railway station on December 27 after exposing himself and masturbating in front of female staff at the railway snack bar, according to Slovak Railway Police (ŽP). The incident happened after the man bought a drink at the snack bar just before midnight. When staff called police, the man fled but was quickly apprehended. He was placed in a cell overnight to sober up. The case is being handled by Trnava ŽP.

Ruská Nová Ves
Secret Service member shoots himself dead

Police provided little information about the death of 48 year-old Marián Ch., who died after shooting himself at midnight on December 31. According to unofficial reports, the reason behind the information blackout is that Marián Ch., unemployed at the time of his death, was a former member of the State Secret Information Service (SIS).
According to the Slovak daily Pravda, Marián Ch. emerged from his house minutes after midnight and fired several shots into the air from his 5.6 mm calibre Taurus gun welcoming the new year. Technical problems with the discharge of the gun followed, and while trying to fix them Marián Ch. accidentally shot himself in the chest. He died while en route to hospital. The case is still under investigation, and according to Pravda, unreleased information may cast doubt on whether the shooting was really an accident.

Arsonist explodes front porch

Galanta policemen are hunting a man who detonated a large explosion in front of a house in the village of Šintava on December 31, causing an estimated 30,000 Slovak crowns ($600) of damage to the house's front porch. No one was injured in the explosion. According to local police experts, the charge contained approximately one kilogramme of pure explosives.

Pyro-technician loses leg after New Year's accident

Doctors at Malacky general hospital amputated the leg of 45 year-old Ferdinand A., from the nearby village of Rohožník, after he suffered severe injuries to his right knee on New Year's Eve. A burning firework slipped from the his hands while he was trying to start the village's official fireworks.
Ferdinand A. was reported stabile after the operation, and according to Malacky doctrors he will be released from hospital within two weeks.

Gunman injures two at railway station

A 50 year-old man shot two people at the Poprad railway station early in the morning on December 28 after arguments with railway staff led to a shoot-out with police. An employee at the station called police at 4 o'clock in the morning after being threatened by the man with a gun. The perpetrator fled when police arrived, but turned and fired while being pursued. One police man, a Czech bystander, and the assailant were wounded in an exchange of fire.

Drunk pensioner kills friend with axe

Police found the body of 89 year-old pensioner from Snina in the house of a friend December 29 after receiving a tip from a neighbour. Seventy-two year-old Pavol Š. admitted to the brutal crime soon after.
Police say the two men were fighting under the influence of alcohol, when the conflict intensified and Pavol Š. took out an axe and struck his guest several times in the face. The following day he told his neighbour what had happened, prompting her to report the crime. Pavol Š. wascharged with murder.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from SITA and TASR

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