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Top Pick: Tourfilm 2001

Films about tourism, travel and adventure will be presented at the 4th Tourfilm 2001 film festival in Bratislava from February 1 to 4 with some 56 films from countries all around the world being presented.

The festival programme contains two parts: competitive and informative. In the competitive section, countries will compete for the best work in three separate sub-categories. The 'Cross-sections' category will present documentary films made after the year 1998 picturing the natural beauty, sights, customs and cultures on different continents. The 'Minutes' category will show short advertising films about states, regions and cities. And the 'Multimedia' category will award the best Slovak travel web site.

The informative section of the festival will lead visitors through interesting and spectacular places from various points around the world, divided into six different categories. The 'Regions' section will show a block of films about the Slovakia's High Tatras mountain range, 'American Dream' will present a selection of films picturing the US, and the 'Metropolis' section will feature Amsterdam and Vienna.

A travel series produced by the TV company MAX 1 will be shown in the 'Teletour' section, the 'Dimensions' section will play films concerning travel in the future, and film fantasies will be presented in the 'Earthly Paradises' section.

The films will be shown in the Diamond Hall of the Hotel Danube on Rybné námestie 1 and in Mladosť cinema on Hviezdoslavovo námestie 14. For more information visit the web site: http://tourfilm.maxo.sk

Festival Programme:

in the Danube Hotel on Rybné námestie 1
Thursday, February 1
14:00 Cross-sections I
17:00 Official Opening
Friday, February 2
14:00 Cross-sections II
16:00 Teletour
18:00 Regions: High Tatras
Saturday, February 3
14:00 Cross-sections III
16:00 Teletour
18:00 American Dream
19:30 American Dream
Sunday, February 4
14:00 Minutes
15:00 Earthly Paradises
16:00 Teletour
17:00 Metropolis: Vienna
18:30 Concert: Austrian guitarist Peter Ratzenbeck
20:00 Official Closing

on Hviezdoslavovo námestie 14
Friday, February 2
18:00 Metropolis: Amsterdam
20:00 Long Holidays, Netherlands
Saturday, February 3
18:00 Regions: High Tatras
20:00 Earthly Paradises
Sunday, February 4
18:00 Earthly Paradises
20:00 Dimensions

By Zuzana Habšudová

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