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Czechs should have achieved more by now
Depiction of helpless Americans unfair and false

Czechs should have achieved more by now

Dear Editor,
I was a little annoyed with the condescending attitude expressed in this article ["Czechs, Slovaks forget marital scraps" by Martina Pisárová, Vol 6 No. 48, December 18 - 24]. The issue is not that the Slovaks are trying to catch up, but rather that the Czechs have not accomplished more.
You seem to forget that 80 years ago Slovakia was still a feudal fiefdom of Hungary. The Czechs, on the other hand, take pleasure in bragging that Prague was 'civilized' when Vienna was a walled city enclosing a group of farmers. With that kind of a head start, the Czechs should be the leaders in Europe. Judging from the TV fiasco, they still haven't figured it out.

Gene Kocis
Newbury Park, California

Depiction of helpless Americans unfair and false

Dear Editor,
I take exception with your "Culture Shock" article ["Slovaks better equipped for survival" by Matthew J. Reynolds, Vol. 7 No. 4, January 29 - February 4]. I am not sure what part of the US you are from, but your quote, "fame and wealth are our supreme goals" is not true. If all you know about America is reading the tabloids, People magazine, watching a lot of TV and movies, then your generalisation about Americans is probably correct. All one does hear about are the "rich and famous". Who wants to hear about day-to-day life in America?
When have you read about all the families who live in average America, who go to work and church, who have their own vegetable gardens (yes, there are many), who go to their children's soccer games, who support their local PTAs? In fact, all over the US women do cook from scratch and sew for their families. I know this for a fact, having lived in two distinct regions of the US, the south and the northwest.
Believe me, Americans are fully aware of Mother Earth and her resources and do want to protect her.

Yvonne DeRuiz,

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