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Latino-American Dance Party

The Latino Culture Project organisation will on Saturday, February 17 hold 'Fiesta Latina' a monthly Latino dance party which allows the public to experience a slice of the vibrant Latino culture here in Bratislava. Nicaraguan choreographer Miguel Mendez will teach the Nicaraguan dance form palo demayo, while the Slovak dancing group Latino Flash will present their Samba Fashiango show in carnival costume. The party begins at 20:00 at Spoločenský Dom Trnávka on Bulharská 60. Tickets cost 50 Sk. For more information call Miguel Mendez at 0905 254 134.

Austrian Embassy's One Artist Play, Concert and Exhibitions

Bernd Jeschek from Vienna will give a theatrical performance called 'Kaiser Joseph und die Bahnwärterstochter' (Caesar Joseph and the Train Station Officer's Daughter). The play begins at 18:00 on Monday, February 12, at the Mozart hall of the Austrian Embassy on Ventúrska 10. Tel: 5443 2985.
The embassy also presents a classical concert of the Žilina Chamber Orchestra led by Leoš Svárovský and featuring Salzburg's Radovan Vlatkovič on French horn. The concert begins at 18:00 on Sunday, February 18, at Zrkadlová sieň of Primaciálny palác on Primaciálne námestie 1.
The Austrian Culture Centre is holding several exhibitions, including the Thought Line exhibition, featuring jewellery made by young Slovak and Austrian artists, which runs at the Austrian Culture Centre on Zelená 7 till the end of February. Tel:5443 2985.
A photo exhibition entitled "Vergessener Völker Müdigkeiten" (Tiredness of Forgotten Nations) in Mozart Hall of the Austrian Embassy on Ventúrska 10 features photographs of Jewish cemeteries taken by Austrian artists Christoph Lingg and Susanne Schaber. The exhibition is situated in Múzeum židovskej kultúry (Museum of Jewish Culture) on Židovská 17. Tel: 5441 8507, and runs till March 10.
The culture centre in cooperation with Docomomo Slovakia (Documentation and Conservation of the Modern Movement) is holding an exhibition of Christian Ludwig Attersee. Born in Slovakia, Attersee is considered to be one of the founders of the "New Paintings" style in central Europe and is the most successful contemporary Austrian painter. The exhibition will take place in Slovenská národná galéria (Slovak National Gallery) on Riečna 1 and will end on February 28, 2001. Tel: 5443 2985.

French Institute films and exhibitions

The French Institute will show a pair of French films directed by Alain Resnais capturing the irony of fate and its influence on people's relationships. Smoking will be shown on February 13, followed by No Smoking on February 15. Both films begin at 20:30 at Filmclub 901 in the Pedagogic faculty building on Račianska 59.
Game of a Viewpoint is a photographic collection of European theatres and their attractive interiors built in Italian style. The exhibition is held in Slovenské národné divadlo (Slovak National Theatre) on Hviezdoslavovo námestie 1, till February 25.
An exhibition of the artist Ester Šimerová-Martinčeková's work entitled Cameos on Saint-John Persea's Poems features cut semiprecious stones with carved reliefs on a background visualising Persea's poems. Šimerová-Martinčeková, a sculptor and painter influenced by cubism and surrealism, was born in Bratislava in 1909. The exhibition runs in the French Institute's Gallery on Sedlárska 7, till February 12, 2001. Tel: 5934 7777.

Goethe Institute Discussion and Exhibitions

The German Culture Institute is holding an exhibition of the works of Albrecht Dürer, the most significant German graphic artist. The exhibition, featuring Dürer's famous xylographs and copperplates, also exhibits works of his contemporaries. The exhibition takes place at Mirbachov Palace on Františkánske námestie 11 and runs till March 18. Tel: 5443 1556.
Also, the Goethe Institute is hosting a photo exhibition of Slovak Jana Vasiliaková's work entitled Photography, displaying photographs taken during her wanderings in nature. The exhibition is situated at the Goethe Institute on Panenská 33 till the end of February. Tel: 5443 3130.

Bahá'í Community

Every Tuesday, at 19:00, the Bahá'í Community in Bratislava invites you to an informal English or Slovak discussion evening on social, moral and global issues, focused on achieving true spiritual destiny in modern-day life. For more information call Vahid at tel: 4329 3075.

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