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"Constitutional revision is the best tool by which the interests of Hungarians in Slovakia can be met. This nation hasn't forgotten about the wrongdoings and crimes committed by Hungarian irredentists."

Július Binder, Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (HZDS)

"The Constitution shouldn't change as often as fashion trends. It shouldn't last for 10 years only, but for two generations."

Augustín Marián Húska, HZDS MP

"If the reason [for approving the Law on Abortion as a part of the constitutional reform] was that Slovakia can survive only if there are more children, this could be solved very quickly. Put freedom in our hands. I am still ready to beget at least ten children for this country. But certainly not with my wife... because she cannot have any more [children]."

Marián Mesiarik, MP for the coalition Party of Civic Understanding (SOP)

"Maybe a miracle will occur and everything that MPs want to be passed will be passed."

Jozef Hrušovský, leader of the Christian Democrats (KDH) on his party's hopes that the revised constitution would include a ban on abortion.

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