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Drug case against pop star dropped
Irish Pub murderer gets 14 years
Abusive husband stabs wife, then apologises
Drunk driver drowns passenger in his car
Burglars steal colour TV from army compound

A penitent Richard Müller has promised not to promote drug use again.
photo: Soňa Bellušová

Drug case against pop star dropped

Charges against Slovak pop icon Richard Müller for promoting drug use were dropped by a district prosecutor February 20. The charges stemmed from an interview Müller gave the private TV Markíza early last year, during which he admitted using drugs, which he called a source of stimulation for his music writing.
Instead of the jail time he had been facing, Müller was given a sentence of six months probation. Should Müller break the conditions of his probation, a full trial of the original charges may follow.
Müller has publicly expressed regret over his comments, saying that he has been "working hard to stop using drugs."

Irish Pub murderer gets 14 years

The 'Irish Pub killer', 24 year-old Mikuláš P., was sentenced to 14 years in prison last week on charges of murder and manslaughter. On July 7, 1999, Mikuláš P. opened fire in the popular ex-pat hangout, killing two men and wounding another.
The double murder occurred after Mikuláš P. allegedly demanded protection money from two Slovak brothers sitting in the pub. After an argument began, he pulled a gun and shot both men at the table, killing one and injuring the other. While fleeing the pub, Mikuláš P. fired over his shoulder back into the crowded pub, killing a bystander who had been at the pub celebrating his university graduation; the innocent victim was married with a one year-old child.
During the trial, three witnesses identified Mikuláš P. as the murderer, but failed to identify his tattoos, which spiral up his arms. Mikuláš P.'s lawyer said he would appeal the verdict, and maintained that his client was innocent.

Abusive husband stabs wife, then apologises

A 27-year old man in Nitra stabbed his wife in the shoulder after the couple returned home from a visit to a friend's house. He immediately treated the wound, apologised for his behaviour, then fell asleep. When sure that he would not wake, the wife called a friend to take her to hospital.
After receiving treatment, the wounded woman contacted police and said that her husband had shown a regular pattern of abuse and that he had also attacked her the day before the stabbing. She said that her husband had threatened to kill her and the couple's six year-old son if she went to the police.

Horná Streda
Drunk driver drowns passenger in his car

One man died and two other were injured when the car they had been driving in lost control on a bridge over the Váh River near Horná Streda in the early morning hours of February 21. The car flipped off the bridge, hitting the water upside down.
The driver, Jaroslav H. (who was drunk), and his passenger, 48 year-old Michal M., were both able to exit the submerged car and swim to safety. However, one of the passengers, 37 year-old Igor H., drowned in the accident.

Burglars steal colour TV from army compound

Three unknown thieves stole a colour TV worth 12,000 Slovak crowns ($250) from the Michalovce Army compound February 13.
Police said three men entered the compound and sprayed an unknown liquid into the eyes of the 20 year-old soldier standing at night guard.
When the soldier bent over in pain, they kicked him in the head causing the soldier to lose consciousness. When he awoke, he discovered that the burglars had stolen the TV.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from SITA, TASR and press releases

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