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DANCE PERFORMANCE: Faust. An adaptation of the German legend by Bratislava Dance Theatre.
Tickets: 75-150 Sk. Starts at 20:00. Dom Kultúry (Culture House) Zrkadlový Háj, Rovniankova 3. Tel: 6383 6776.


EXHIBITION: Stories Written By Different Pen. The exhibition of Czech artist Olina Francová, featuring metal sculptures of naked men.
Admission free. Open daily except Mon 13:00-18:00. Galéria Michalský Dvor, Michalská 3. Tel: 5441 1079. Exhibition runs till April 1.


BALLET: Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. The Russian composer's masterpiece tells the fairy-tale story of pure love, where good wins over evil.
Tickets: 60-120 Sk. Starts at 19:00. Slovenské Národné Divadlo (Slovak National Theatre), Hviezdoslavovo námestie 1. Tel: 5443 3890, 5443 3764.


CLASSICAL CONCERT: The Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra led by Italian conductor Roberto Paternostro and featuring Israeli violinist Hagai Shaham will perform works by Sibelius, Bloch, Bartók and Strauss.
Tickets: 150-195 Sk or 320 ATS. Starts at 19:00. Concert hall of Slovak Philharmonic (Reduta) on Palackého 2. Tel: 5443 3351.


METAL CONCERT: Bizzare Fest 7. Slovak death and grind metal groups Dementor, Sanatorium and Goreopsy will be joined by the Czech group Death Sentence.
Tickets: 50 Sk. Starts at 18:00. DK Dúbravka (Dúbravka house of culture) on Saratovská 2/A. Tel: 6436 5640.


EXHIBITION: Petrified Sea. The exhibition features petrified sea animals which lived millions years ago in the Tertiary Period on the modern-day soil of Morava and Slovakia.
Admission 10-20 Sk. Open daily except Mon 9:00-17:00. Prírodné Múzeum at the Slovenské národné múzeum (Slovak National museum) on Vajanského nábrežie 2. Tel: 5934 9141. The exhibition runs till May 20.


CLASSICAL MUSIC: Boris Lenko on accordion, Daniel Buranovský on piano, Stanislav Palúch on violin, Eugen Prochác on cello and Ján Krigovský on contrabass will perform works of Astor Piazzolla.
Tickets: 20-40 Sk. Starts at 10:30. Galéria Mesta Bratislavy (Bratislava Town Gallery) - Mirbachov Palác, Františkánske námestie 11. Tel: 5443 0331

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