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Deer antlers stolen from Poprad museum
University students caught selling and growing pot
Brave post office clerk refuses to give out money
Alain Delon accused of attempted murder

Deer antlers stolen from Poprad museum

A thief broke into the State Forests Museum in northern Slovakia's Tatranská Lomnica last week and stole five pairs of deer antlers. Museum representatives said that antlers were worth about 20,000 Slovak crowns ($416), but that the value of the antlers had been their scientific worth.
"Although the financial damage is not great, the antlers had great value," said Marián Šturcel, a museums employee. He explained that the antlers had came from one deer, which had shed its antlers in five successive years.
By comparing these specimens, Šturcel said, scientists could have documented the development of an individual deer's antlers. He added that the criminal who stole the horns had been very careful and had not damaged either the museum's interior. Or the glass display cabinet where the horns had been stored.

University students caught selling and growing pot

Košice police charged three university students from the Technical University in Košice with the illegal cultivation and sale of drugs on March 21 after discovering about 150 grams of marijuana in a university dorm room. One of the students charged had grown three plants and had sold the proceeds to his dormitory mates through the other two accused.
The university administration said that while police have limited powers on academic ground, it had given the police the go-ahead to make the raid.

Brave post office clerk refuses to give out money

Police have congratulated a brave post office clerk from Prešov, who on March 23 had defied a masked robber holding a pistol to her head. The courageous 44 year-old woman ignored the robber's order to hand over the cash in her till, whereupon the intruder pocketed his pistol and ran away.

Alain Delon accused of attempted murder

Slovak native Alain Delon, originally named Miroslav Skovajsa, has been charged with attempted murder. The 47 year-old Slovak man, who had changed his name to that of the famous French actor, is under police investigation after firing four shots at Martin B., a 28 year-old Slovak citizen, last year. The Slovak Alain Delon faces 10 to 15 years in jail of convicted.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from SITA and TASR

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