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Jan Hus Award
AmCham's Business Cocktail
Austrian, German and French Embassy Lecture
Austrian Culture Centre seminars, concerts and exhibitions
Goethe Institute literature evening and exhibition
Spanish exhibition at Danubiana

Jan Hus Award

The Jan Hus Educational Foundation invites you to its annual Philanthropy Award ceremony, at which the Albrecht Quartet will perform Joseph Haydn's Bird Quartet # 3. The event begins at 17:00 on Thursday, April 5 at the Bratislava Castle Music Hall on the first floor. Tel: 5443 2535.

AmCham's Business Cocktail

The American Chamber of Commerce in Slovakia invites you to AmCham's April Business Cocktail beginning at 18:00 on Tuesday, April 3 at Hotel Danube's Panorama Room on the 5th floor on Rybné námestie 1. Tel: 5934 0508.

Austrian, German and French Embassy Lecture

The Austrian Culture Institute, Goethe Institute and French Institute invite you to a lecture entitled "A Picture of Slovakia in European Media" given by Michael Frank, as a part of the "1001 Europa" cycle. Frank, who works as a foreign correspondent in Slovakia and the Czech Republic for the Austrian Suddetsche Zeitung newspaper, will try to explain why Slovakia is rarely covered in foreign media. The lecture begins at 17:00 on Monday, April 2 at Mozartova sieň (Mozart Hall) of the Austrian Embassy on Ventúrska 10. Tel: 5443 2985. The event will be translated into Slovak and French.

Austrian Culture Centre seminars, concerts and exhibitions

The Austrian Culture Centre will hold another seminar with a famous Austrian journalist, this time by Onnar Lahodynsky entitled "Advancing News About the EU". Lahodynsky will try to illustrate specific reporting methods used by journalists working at the EU centre in Brussels. The seminar lasts from 10:00-17:00 on April 3 at the Austrian Culture Centre on Zelená 7. Tel: 5441 4860.
Also, the centre will hold a lecture by Gerit Mayer from Innsbruck entitled "Increasing Flexibility in the Austrian Bank Sector". The lecture begins at 13:30 at the Economic University on Dolnozemská 1/b. Tel: 5441 4860.
Volker Kaukoreit and Kristina Pfoser from Vienna will present their book "Austrian Literature from 1945 in Pictures" at 18:00 on April 5 at the Austrian library on Konventná 15. Tel: 5441 4860.
Slovak/Austrian violinist Tibor Kováč and Austrian/Japanese pianist Nanako Pohl will perform works of Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Wofgang Amazeus Mozart, Frederic Chopin, Fritz Kreisler and Gioaccchino Rossini. The classical concert starts at 19:00 on April 3 at Zrkadlová sień (Mirror hall) of Primaciálny Palác on Primaciálne námestie 1. Tel: 5441 4860.
Austrian tenor Heinz Rank together with Japanesse soprano, Turkish mezzo-soprano Özay Günay and Slovak pianist Dušan Stankovský will hold a classical concert at 19:30 on April 4 at Congress Hall on Kúpeľný ostrov in Piešťany. Tel: 0838 775 2150.
The Austrian Culture Centre, in cooperation with the Slovak National Theatre, will present works of the architectonic atelier Fellner and Helmer, famous for building several theatres around the world. The exhibition entitled "Fellner and Helmer, Illusionist Architects", opens on Tuesday, April 3 at 17:00 at the Slovenské Národné Divadlo (Slovak National Theatre) on Hviezdoslavovo námestie 1. Tel: 5443 3083.
"Culture in Auland" is an exhibition depicting the 2000-year history of this scenic region near Vienna. The exhibition opens on April 4 at 18:00 at the Austrian Culture Centre on Zelená 7. Tel: 5441 4860.

Goethe Institute literature evening and exhibition

The Goethe Institute in Bratislava will hold a literature evening entitled "Poems". Slovak translator Angela Repková will introduce recently translated works of Slovak writers into the German language: Sandatlas by Mila Haugová, Eisenbahnen by Peter Repka and Ein Hut Voll Wein by Ján Ondruš. The poetry evening starts at 19:00 on Wednesday, April 4 at the Goethe Institute on Panenská 33. Tel: 5443 3130. The event will be translated into Slovak and German.
The Goethe Institute in Bratislava is holding an exhibition of Dušan Kállay's book illustrations entitled Faust and Margaret, beginning at 17:30 on Monday, March 19. The exhibition runs at the Goethe Institute on Panenská 33 till April 6. Tel: 5443 3130.

Spanish exhibition at Danubiana

The Spanish Embassy in Slovakia's End of a Long Journey is an exhibition of the works of Spanish painter Miguel Ybanez. The exhibition runs at Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Čunovo and lasts till June 22. For more information, check out or call 0903 605 505.

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