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Woman in coma gives birth to baby girl
Mobile phone theft may cost policeman his career

Woman in coma gives birth to baby girl

A 23 year-old woman who had been in a coma for over a month gave birth to her first child in a Košice hospital. Kamila Ilgová, the head of the hospital's Obstetrics Department, said that the baby had been born during the 27th week of the mother's pregnancy, and that it measured 36 centimetres in length and weighed 860 grams. Normal measurements for full-term babies are anything over 50 centimeters and three kilogrammes. The baby requires mechanical ventilation, but could survive barring unforeseen complications, Ilgová said.
The mother was brought to hospital in a coma February 28 from Porubka after her husband, a 27 year-old border police officer, accidentally shot her in the head. Immediately afterwards, he committed suicide.
The hospital has refused to release information on the mother's physical condition.

Mobile phone theft may cost policeman his career

A 25 year-old policeman, who was seen stealing a mobile phone April 3, may lose his job for the theft.
A patron in the Bratislava centre's Verna pub had left his phone on his chair while he went to the toilet. The cop pocketed it, then tried to leave. Passing policemen, who had been alerted by witnesses, stopped the young police man, who denied having stolen the phone. But when they dialled the number of the stolen mobile, it began ringing in his pocket.
Bratislava police spokesperson Marta Bujňáková later said that the policeman had been extremely drunk at the time of his arrest. Police officials are now debating if to strip the thief of his badge.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová and Chris Togneri
from SITA and TASR

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