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How expatriated Slovaks can get citizenship
Looking forward to Slovak pub culture

How expatriated Slovaks can get citizenship

Dear Editor,
In response to the letter from Scott Mikusko ["Can we get 'family' land back?", Letters to the Editor, Vol. 7 No. 15, April 16-22], the answer is yes, second and third generation descendants of Slovak emigrants do have certain special rights to obtain Slovak citizenship. They can obtain a Foreign Slovak card, which entitles them to live and work permanently in Slovakia. Ordinarily, five years of residence in Slovakia is required before a person can apply to the Minister of Interior for Slovak citizenship, but holders of the Foreign Slovak card are exempt from this requirement.
As for Mr. Mikusko's other question, in general the deadline for filing of restitution claims has expired. There may be some unusual circumstances under which a claim could still be filed, however.

Bill Dzurilla
White & Case legal firm, Bratislava

Looking forward to Slovak pub culture

Dear Editor,
I found your article about Slovak pub waiters entertaining ["Culture Shock: How to win over Slovak pub waiters" by Chris Togneri, Vol. 7 No. 15, April 16-22]. I will be visiting Slovakia for the first (hopefully not the last) time, for a week starting May 7, and look forward to exploring some of the local pub life. I hope I can manage to say something like "Jeden pivo si prosim" [correct request for one beer: Jedno pivo si prosím - ed. note] and get a glass of the amber nectar in front of me. Incidentally, what is the standard size measure - is it half a litre? [Yes - ed. note]. I do speak good German, so perhaps this will help, as long as I demonstrate the appropriate 'attitude'.
The Umelka pub sounds nice. I hope the weather gets a bit warmer in the next couple of weeks, so that outdoor drinking is possible. It's been a very cool spring here so far!

Jim Ball
Milton Keynes, England

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