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Soldier apologises to President Schuster
Allegedly drunk father chained to bed by son
Czechoslovak shepherd dogs kill child

Soldier apologises to President Schuster

Lance Corporal L.H. apologised to President Rudolf Schuster April 18 for a crank phone call he placed during the Easter holidays. Imrich Modrocký, spokesperson for the head of the Slovak Army's ground forces, said that the soldier had been dialling random telephone numbers on a borrowed mobile phone when he accidentally dialled the president's number.
After he connected with Schuster, L.H. introduced himself as a "criminal policeman from Bratislava" and told Schuster that his son was suspected of robbing news stands in the capital city.
The soldier wrote a written apology, which was published in the Pravda daily. He wrote that he regreted the "childish, stupid and absurd game". Modrocký said L.H. realised that he had made a serious, almost criminal mistake.

Allegedly drunk father chained to bed by son

A family quarrel in the central Slovak town of Príbelce recently culminated in a 54 year-old father being chained to his bed by his son. Ján junior (25) had allegedly taken money from his father, saying that Ján senior was prone to spending large sums of money on alcohol. The son told police that to prevent Ján senior from spending the family's money drinking in a pub, he had taken a chain, shackled his father to the bed, then left the home for five hours.
Local police spokesman Karol Györi said the father would not lay charges against his son. Györi said he was surprised by the decision as the father had complained to police that this was not the first time he had been chained to his bed by his son.

Czechoslovak shepherd dogs kill child

Two Czechoslovak shepherd dogs escaped from the premises of a local company and mauled 10 year-old Patrik K. to death on April 21 in the village of Lipany in eastern Slovakia.
The dogs entered a local farm through a damaged fence and attacked the boy. Regional police in Prešov said that the child had either bled to death or suffocated.
The dogs continued their rampage by killing another dog and then attacking Jaroslav R. from Šarišské Michaľany at a nearby village construction site. The man managed to climb a ladder at the site to save himself. A local hunter, Antonín H., later shot both canines.
The dogs' owner is likely to face charges of causing death due to negligence, for which he may be jailed for six months to five years.

Compiled by Martina Pisárova from Slovak press

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