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EXHIBITION: Moss's Whisper. Slovak painter Jana Ovšáková exhibits her oil-paintings, which reflect the painter's fantasies
of moss.
Admission free. Open daily except Sun 10:00-17:00.Tel: 5443 4387. The exhibition runs till May 16.


CLASSICAL CONCERT: Soprano Lívia Ághová, alt Jolana Fogašová, tenor Miroslav Dvorský and bass Peter Mikuláš perform works by Ludvig van Beethoven.
Tickets: 100 Sk. Starts at 19:00. Koncertná sieň Slovenskej Filharmónie (Slovak Philharmonic Concert Hall), Palackého 2. Tel: 5443 3351-3.


LIVE MUSIC: TC Lemons. This Slovak electronic dance group will hold a concert in Charlie's pub.
Tickets: 70 Sk. Starts at 20:00. Charlie centre, Špitálska 4. Tel: 5296 3396.


LIVE MUSIC: Žalman Brothers Band. Led by bass player Peter Žalman, this Slovak group covers blues classics and plays original as well.
Admission free. Starts at 20:00. Aligátor pub, Laurinská 7. Tel: 5441 8611.


OPERA: Mephistopheles. The Devil (the main character of Arrigo Boito's opera based on Goethe's Faust), bets God that every man would sell his soul for the highest pleasure. In Italian with Slovak subtitles.
Tickets: 50-180 Sk. Starts at 19:00. Slovenské národné divadlo (Slovak National Theatre), Hviezdoslavovo námestie 1. Tel: 5443 3890, 5443 3764.


EXHIBITION: Vladimír Petrík. Slovak painter Petrík exhibits his paintings at the SPP exhibition hall, next door to the Hotel Fórum in Bratislava.
Admission free. Open daily except Mon 10:00-18:00. Galéria SPP, Drevená ulica 4. Tel: 5441 6103. The exhibition runs till May 27.


CLASSICAL CONCERT: Sunday Matinee. Slovak chamber musicians joined by Czech flutists will perform works of Slovak composer Juraj Hatrík.
Tickets: 40 Sk. Starts at 10:30. Galéria Mesta Bratislavy (Bratislava Town Gallery) - Mirbachov Palác, Františkánske námestie 11. Tel: 5443 0331

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It’s not easy being an ‘alien’ in Slovakia

Are Slovaks scared of foreigners? The stories of those who are trying to make their homes here suggest that ignorance and bureaucratic inertia, rather than fear, cause more problems.

Dealing with state offices may be difficult and time-demanding.

What has remained here after Stoka, Propeller or Cvernovka? Photo

The book BA!! Places of Living Culture 1989-2016 brings authentic accounts about 38 independent cultural spots in Bratislava.

Blaho Uhlár, founder of the Stoka theatre, in front of the theatre in 2006.

Nu Dance festival changes date and the finale coincides with International Dance Day

The festival of contemporary dance has not just moved in time but also from the stage to the streets, encouraging public participation.

Renan Martins: Let Me Die in My Footsteps

(W)Rapping up two worlds in one music

The Fjúžn festival annually presents interesting musical projects from people who cross borders, literally or symbolically. This year, the headliner of the main festival concert on April 22 will be the French-Iraqi…

The Iraqi-French band Aiwa