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Women-traffickers taken into custody
Strongman takes on 316 Skodas... and wins

Women-traffickers taken into custody

Three criminals suspected of trafficking women for prostitution at the beginning of this year were taken into custody May 2.
Unemployed Milan B. and handicapped pensioner Tomáš K. allegedly offered a job abroad to 18-year old Petra N. from Rimavská Sobota, central Slovakia, in February this year. When she accepted the job they sold Petra for 17,000 crowns ($354) to Jaroslava L. in Bratislava who drove her to Italy and forced her into prostitution.
The three men were allegedly planning to sell another woman into prostitution, 25 year-old Zuzana V. from Košice, who was offered job as a bartender in Italy. The two again intended to trade the woman to Jaroslava - this time for 25,000 crowns. But investigating police in Lučenec caught the two before they could sell Zuzana, and later apprehended Jaroslava.

Strongman takes on 316 Skodas... and wins

Visitors to Košice May 8 saw local body-builder Juraj Barbarič set a new personal record for the weight of cars he managed to bear on his chest.
Strong-man Barbarič braced himself as 316 Škoda Fabia hatchbacks were driven across his chest as part of the annual 'Košice days' celebrations. The total weight of the 316 hatchbacks was 336 tons.
Although the rain eventually stopped the strength trial, Barbarič vowed to perform the same feat next year, but with 1,001 Fabias.

Compiled by Peter Barecz from TASR and press releases

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