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School bus full of children runs into a ditch
Roma kids skip school to sell sand
Senior citizen beaten with his own crutch
Husband forces wife to play Russian roulette

School bus full of children runs into a ditch

A bus carrying 26 schoolchildren and four teachers from Bratislava on a field trip to Orava veered into a ditch May 27. The driver told police that the accident happened as he was passing a slower car.
When police arrived at the scene of the accident, the travellers had all exited the bus through the shattered front window. The only injury was to a teacher who was burnt by spilled hot coffee.

Veľká Lomnica
Roma kids skip school to sell sand

Roma children in the town of Veľká Lomnica have been skipping classes to sell soft sand to passers-by. The sand comes from a site near the town's elementary school used by the private firm Bully, which sells construction material.
Veľká Lomnica Mayor Milan Hrivňák said that the Roma had no license to sell the sand; Bully representatives said that they had no objections to the Roma's entrepreneurial activities as the sand area "doesn't belong to our firm".
According to the daily paper Sme, the sand is being dug in the mornings by Roma school children. One Roma boy interviewed by the paper said that he was not at school that day because: "I'm on sick leave, I have a headache."

Senior citizen beaten with his own crutch

While 76 year-old Adolf L. returned home from a local pub late in the evening of May 26 in the eastern Slovak town of Medzev, he was attacked and robbed by two unknown culprits. According to Jarmila Petrová, spokesperson for the Košice regional police headquarters, the attackers hit Adolf L. in his face, then kicked him after he'd fallen to the ground.
They used the pensioner's crutch to beat him, then stole it along with his watch and 150 Slovak crowns ($3).

Zlaté Moravce
Husband forces wife to play Russian roulette

An employee of a private security firm from Zlaté Moravce allegedly forced his wife to play Russian roulette with him on May 27. The husband went into the bathroom, loaded his legally owned gun with one bullet, then fired three times at his own head without discharging the bullet, the wife told police.
The armed husband then decided to make his wife play the game. After she managed to run out of the flat, he began firing shots at the couple's appliances and furniture. The man is now in custody on charges of aggravated assault.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports

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