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Pensioner's garage reveals guns and stolen car
Explosives found in garbage container
Eight baby swans born in village lake
Fifteen year-old steals $2 worth of cigarettes
Five men suspected of forgery arrested

Pensioner's garage reveals guns and stolen car

Bratislava police officers found the dismantled remains of a Chrysler Grand Voyager automobile on June 2 in a garage belonging to a 75 year-old woman in Bratislava. The car had been stolen from a 38 year-old Austrian tourist at the beginning of April.
One handgun, three machine guns and eight machine gun clips were also found in the senior citizen's garage. The dismantled car parts were valued by the police at 1.8 million Slovak crowns ($36,700).

Explosives found in garbage container

While taking out his trash on June 3, a Bratislava resident found 100 grams of TNT in the public garbage container on his street. The man immediately took his discovery to the Interior Ministry.
Police and trained dogs searched the area for further explosives. In a paper box near the container, they discovered three fuses and a detonator. They also found various army-related books in the container and some personal documents bearing the name of an army veteran.
After carrying out an investigation, the police discovered that the widow of a deceased soldier who had been cleaning out her flat had thrown out her husband's personal belongings, not realising that they could be used to make bombs.

Eight baby swans born in village lake

A pair of swans who have lived on central Slovakia's Valaská Lake for 10 years gave birth to eight baby swans this spring. In Slovakia, swans are considered noble birds which in the past belonged exclusively to kings.
The Valaská pair also had a baby last year. Although locals were quite protective of the newborn, an unknown culprit killed the young bird soon after its birth.
Local pensioner Mikuláš Žilík built a wooden shelter for the family earlier this spring near the lake. Unfortunately, one baby swan has died and another has disappeared, likely carried away on the Teplica creek draining out of the lake.

Turňa nad Bodvou
Fifteen year-old steals $2 worth of cigarettes

After 15 year-old Rudko from Turňa nad Bodvou knocked on the door of a small store on the town's main square on June 4, he pushed the saleswoman backwards and stole four packs of cigarettes, said the bewildered clerk.
The woman, however, managed to grab the teenager by the hood he was using to cover his face and temporarily detain him. Rudko then hit her in the chest and managed to escape. Police soon apprehended the suspect and have begun an investigation. The cigarettes were valued at 102 Slovak crowns ($2).

Five men suspected of forgery arrested

Prešov regional police arrested a group of five young men who are suspected of forging and distributing at least 20 fake 1,000 crown bank notes earlier this year.
In May, various regional banks reported having discovered eight such forged notes. Local investigators have charged the men with forgery. If convicted, they face 10 to 15 years in jail.

Compiled by Martina Pisárová from press reports

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